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1966Re: [Marbling] Re: Allergies

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  • Gail MacKenzie
    Sep 21, 2003
      > My Mothin In Law has it, she is at least one of the happy ones...she seems
      > to be living inside her happiest memories. Still so sad. I have read that
      > too about aluminum not being so much a worry, but one never knows what to
      > believe since they keep changing their minds.....maybe there should be a
      > study on all these studies to see why they are so inconsistent. ALuminum
      > pots are bad, copper pots are bad.....cast iron is bad too if you get too
      > much iron from cooking in it, it is bad for your heart.....mmmm....what
      > have we left out? Anything.....oh teflon at high temps is supposedly bad.
      > It's very confusing, isn't it.
      > Iris Nevins
      Rudolph Steiner of the Theosophist Society suggested gold as the best
      cooking pot!!

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