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195Re: [Marbling] Introduction

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  • John Ang Cheng Siew
    Mar 31, 2000
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      Welcome to the list.

      I was also fortunate to have met Mr Valese in Venice. We found his shop
      while holidaying there. At that time I only had a passing interest in
      marbling. We struck a conversation about his work and he was kind enough to
      invite my wife and I to his studio where he demostrated marbling to us. He
      did a piece of Italian vien and on that he did some flower design. I got to
      keep that marbled paper. From that time onwards I found great interest in

      I believe Alberto using tragacanth gum for his size and he doesn't alum his
      paper. I forgot to ask him what type of paint he uses. Do you have any idea?

      Mr Valese shop is at Venice, S.Marco - Campo S. stefano 3471
      P.S. He has a pet dog call sumi.

      At 05:09 PM 31-03-2000 +0200, you wrote:
      > Hello to everyone on the list. My housband and J have created a web
      >site regarding marbled paper: www.lemarcheonline.net/venicepaper
      >Venice Paper is a sort of brand name we believe appropriate to pay tribute
      >to an Ebru Master, Alberto Valese, located in Venice who kindly showed us
      >his way of marbling.

      John Ang Cheng Siew
      My Paper Marbling Website: <home3.pacific.net.sg/~johnacs>
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