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  • ElizabethOrme
    Mar 31, 2000
      Hello to everyone on the list.
      My housband and J have created a web site regarding marbled paper:
      Venice Paper is a sort of brand name we believe appropriate to pay tribute to an Ebru Master, Alberto Valese, located in Venice who kindly showed us his way of marbling.
      We are not professionals and we are located in Italy.
      Our interest in decorated paper started in an old bookbinding shop where, for the first time, we saw woodengraved decorated paper ( xilography) and the traditional marbled ones.
      Since then we read many books among which we may suggest:
      Le papier maebré son histoire e sa fabrication     Doizy  Ipert
      Marbling Paper     Anne Chamber
      Marbled Paper   Richard J. Wolf
      Varieties of Spanish Marbling    Iris Nevins
      Since then we have lwasted a lot of paper, ox gall and colors.
      Starting off with caragheen moss, worked in the old way, we have ended up using methilcellulosa and from the beginning we have been using goeche: Maimeri and Lukas.
      We like doing spanish very much.
      The reference model was  " New Jersey Ripple" by Iris Nevins in her book " Variety of.....
      So thanks Jill for your invitation, we are now on the list.
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