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  • Susa Glenn
    Sep 16, 2003
      I went through over 60 chelation treatments in 1994 because I got
      really sick (Dursban poisoning) and the doctor put me through a big
      time general detox program to lower my overall load of toxins.
      Nobody knew it was Dursban at the time; I found out about 6 months
      later. After 9 months and all that chelation, I was much better, but
      the aluminum still showed up as a problem on the urinalysis because
      it was still coming out of my body. I just avoid aluminum now; no
      antiperspirant, no aluminum pans, no sodas in aluminum cans, etc.

      I just hold my breath when pouring in the alum crystals. My alum
      crystals just don't seem to be getting air born, so I really haven't
      been very concerned about it. I don't use a mask either, Iris. I use
      long gloves when I hang up my fabric to dry and I do worry about the
      drips getting on me. If you can actually see the stuff in the air
      or if you can smell it, I think that you should definitely wear a
      dust mask. I stir the stuff into the water at arm's length and avoid
      breathing any rising steam from the hot water. If you can smell it,
      it means that it is in your lungs and is going into your

      The detox progams are especially hard on a person if they are
      carrying a heavy load of toxins because the detoxing stirs them up
      from wherever the body has parked them and so you can become more
      symptomatic during the detox process. A good doctor is essential. I
      have a load of mercury too, but I can't handle the side effects of
      the detox program for that so I haven't been able to get rid of it.

      I never heard that apple pectin would carry lead out. EDTA works
      real well though.

      Susa Glenn

      --- In Marbling@yahoogroups.com, irisnevins <irisnevins@c...> wrote:
      > Thanks for info.....but how does one get rid of it all? These detox
      > programs nearly kill me. I know apple pectin carries lead
      out....maybe an
      > apple a day does keep the Dr. away?
      > irisnevins
      > Message text written by INTERNET:Marbling@yahoogroups.com
      > >Hi Iris,
      > If you want to see if you are carrying a load of aluminum from
      > slurping on your alumed paper, you need to be tested for heavy
      > toxicity with an IV chelation treatment followed by saving all of
      > your urine for (I've forgotten...aluminum load was
      > is imminent...) maybe 6 hours and then handing the jug back to
      > doctor so they can send some off to be analized. The chelation IV
      > takes, oh, 3-4 hours. They did a hair analysis on me too, but the
      > doctor trusted the above urine test more as the aluminum is a
      > metal and is firmly linked to your cells until set free by the
      > chelating agent, EDTA. Because it is chemically linked to your
      > cells, it isn't just floating around loose in your blood so it is
      > hard to test for with a simple blood test. I had aluminum pretty
      > bad, along with lead, cadmium, and arsenic. I also tested as
      > sensitive to aluminum (sorta like an allergy).
      > Anyway.... If you are sneezing, it means that you are getting
      > particles of alum in you and your body really doesn't want any
      > thanks anyway. Breathing it into your lungs is a MUCH more
      > way of getting a toxic load into your body than daubing it onto
      > skin. I'm not real sure where it ranks with slurping it off of
      > though.
      > Susa Glenn<
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