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1906Re: [Marbling] Re: Allergies

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  • irisnevins
    Sep 15, 2003
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      I can't imagine alum in solution...liquid....would require a mask. If I
      have to alum in a mask I think i'd rather quit. I can see it when the
      particles of powder fly around, but not while liquid. Same goes for
      pigments...not good to breathe but once in liquid paint? I couldn't imagine
      it is a problem...and if it is, so be it. I'd rather be comfortable. I just
      hold my breath while spooning out the alum....can't stand the sneezles! But
      paint surely doesn't bother me. I have also decided to marble sans gloves,
      only wear them while aluming because it makes my hands crawl.

      Iris Nevins

      Message text written by INTERNET:Marbling@yahoogroups.com
      You need the right mask for the right job.........hence--check with
      local hardware companies for what they offer for various work.
      ...........Alum here for marblers will be in two different states--the
      first--where it is powder and you are pouring the crystals. The
      second--where it is liquid once mixed with water......Would an ordinary
      surgical paper mask work? I don't know.
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