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1864RE: [Marbling] I am a new member.... and glad to be here!

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  • Franklyn Smith
    Sep 6 6:11 AM
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      Subject: [Marbling] I am a new member.... and glad to be here!

      I have recently joined this list and would like to introduce myself.
      My name is Susan Haufler Foster. I was once a very active marbler,
      but that was about 10 years ago. I have just recently decided to
      unearth my marbling tank and try to get back to work.
      In 1990 I was involved in the planning of the 2nd International
      Marblers' Convention in SF, especially the gallery show.... and the
      dinner. That was the last time that I spent time with the community
      of marblers, and it was an inspiring experience.
      I work primarily in deep colors, with metalics. At least that used
      to be my preference. My attempt to marble last weekend was near
      disastrous. I have problems with paper stock, I need to buy fresh
      paint... perhaps replace my tank, and get the cat hair out of my
      I would like to say a special hello to Dolores Guffey. We used to
      live within a few miles of each other, but I haven't seem her for
      If there are any SF Bay Area marblers on this list, I would love to
      hear from you.
      I look forward to communicating with you all,

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