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1843Re: [Marbling] Re: Sorry a correction ! ! !

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  • J Dolphin
    Aug 21, 2003
      For Tevfik and Milena---I am certainly glad we have a world wide web out
      here where you can both enlighten and challenge each other--to go forward in
      the ways of marbling. I appreciate both your points of view as I am certain
      other readers on the list also do. Obviously you have differences that may
      not be resolved or perhaps you both find a bridge to build towards greater
      understanding of each other's work.

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      From: "mpmh60201" <milena@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2003 7:46 PM
      Subject: [Marbling] Re: Sorry a correction ! ! !

      > I never stated that I was an authority on marbling.
      > I have very little knowledge on "true" historic tradition, because
      > so much has been distorted over the centuries. Jake Benson
      > made strong mention of this at our marbling conference in 2002.
      > What I do know is that I have been a full time professional
      > ARTIST for over forty years (that is, I earn my living this way),
      > using marbling enhancement twenty of those years. If I'm an
      > aurthority on anything...it is my own artwork of which I have true
      > knowledge.
      > I respect tradition, yet feel the need not to follow in past
      > footsteps. My work comes from my soul, not a book or instructor.
      > (By the way, I exhibited with Mustafa Duzgunman twice in the
      > USA, as his equal, not as a student.)
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