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  • Tevfik Alparslan BABAOGLU
    Aug 19, 2003
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      Hi everybody,

      I am sorry for taking your time but I felt to clarify some points in
      message no. 1806

      In her mail, Mrs.Hughes comments on www.geleneksel-ebru.com and says
      that "Seems this has all been said, shown, etc., before. Perhaps this
      person does not know this???"

      Although I don't claim to say anything new, there are a couple of
      things which should have attracted her attention but somehow she
      missed out ( perhaps she didn't like to see them ).

      1. There is a miniature in the gallery, "Cem Sultan" which has been
      made by marbling a single paper 9 times using 9 different stencils. I
      will be very pleased if someone, especially Mrs.Hughes as an
      authority and ARTIST (She writes this word in upper case letters !!! )

      2. In the gallery, there is a battal ebru made by using 23 carat
      real gold. I would again be very pleased if someone could name me an
      example of an ebru made by using gold which shines ! ! !

      3. I remember people discussing how to make Tiger's Eye in this
      platform couple of months ago. In the gallery of www.geleneksel-
      ebru.com , you can see an example of a Tiger's Eye uploaded there a
      year ago.

      4. The details of the calligraphies give an idea of the excellency
      of the stencil technique used but she doesn't comment on them.

      In her mail, Mrs. Hughes says "There are masterful books out
      there on traditional Turkish marbling! However, the site does
      open a little window for the novice to peak in."

      For her to be able to say that, she must know the tradition in
      Turkish Marbling. I have been an apprentice of late Mustafa DUZGUNMAN
      for the last 5 years of his life and received a certificate signed by
      him exhibited in www.geleneksel-ebru.com which gives me the right,
      according to our tradition, to perform and teach TRADITIONAL TURKISH
      MARBLING. I challenge Mrs.Hughes to discuss the Turkish tradition in
      marbling ! ! !

      The books on Traditional Turkish Marbling she mentions give
      information like shish kebap or sushi served in a Traditional
      American Restaurant, nothing more Turkish ! ! !

      In turkish Tradition, alum is NOT used and the words "using alum is
      not marbling" are direct translation of the Turkish content and didn't
      mean to address the western technique. As a marbler who also use the
      western technique from time to time I am sorry for the misleading

      I don't agree with the statement "far superior in results for
      exceptional marbled images that surpass . . ." and I insist that if
      one is able to very accurately adjust the amount of ox gall in the
      dyes, he/she creates images with the same resolution as if alum is

      Thanks for your time and patience if you reached this line.

      Friendly regards,

      Alparslan BABAOGLU
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