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  • Tevfik Alparslan BABAOGLU
    Aug 18, 2003
      If you read the English home page of www.geleneksel-ebru.com , you
      can see that I DON'T CLAIM TO SAY ANYTHING NEW. Your manner in
      addressing a person without using his name but just simply
      saying "this person" seems to me a little bit inappropriate. When I
      was in England in 70's, we used to address people by using "Mr/Mrs"

      The books on Traditional Turkish Marbling you mention tell nothing
      about the tradition (This is true if we assume that I know my
      tradition better than you do)

      From your statement " using alum is not marbling. Perhaps not
      traditional Turksih marbling" below, I understand that you accept the
      existence of a traditional Turkish Mrbling". If this is true, why are
      you so aggressive on the people who try to keep their tradition ?

      As you clearly understood, "using alum is not marbling" has been used
      for traditional Turkish Marbling.

      You can create your own style noone can object this but please don't
      shadow on the people who try to perform this art according to their

      I am trying to understand the reason for your aggressiveness on this
      matter but cannot find an answer.

      I will write an answer to your letter

      --- In Marbling@yahoogroups.com, "mpmh60201" <milena@i...> wrote:
      > Would be interested in comments on the site mentioned.
      > Seems this has all been said, shown, etc., before. Perhaps this
      > person does not know this??? There are masterful books out
      > there on traditional Turkish marbling! However, the site does
      > open a little window for the novice to peak in. And I certainly
      > agree...the words "Traditional Turkish Marbling" have been
      > abused far too long by authors and marblers alike!
      > However, I take offense to the statement that using alum is not
      > marbling. Perhaps not traditional Turksih marbling, but far
      > superior in results for exceptional marbled images that surpass
      > what the old masters attempted with minimal materials. We all
      > learn from the masters, then branch out to create our own work.
      > That is what being an "ARTIST" is all about.
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