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1811Rsponding to Carol

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  • mpmh60201
    Aug 3, 2003
      There are two great books with materials info on traditional
      Turkish marbling: "EBRU Marmorpapiere" by Nedim Sonmez
      (1992). I purchased this, signed by Nedim, some time ago
      through Dawson's Book Shop in LA.

      The other book is by Hikmet Barutcugil (2001): "The Dream of
      Water- EBRU", is just that...a wonderful dream come true.
      Hikmet shows how to make the brushes, patterns, and so much
      more, plus grogeous photos and diagrams! It's a "must" for
      every marblers bookshelf. Try to email him directly at
      ebristan@... or website: www.ebristan.com