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175Re: Liquitex acrylic (was alum)

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  • John Ang
    Mar 26, 2000
      This is not a question about alum, but since Liquitex acrylic was
      mentioned, I wonder who has experience using Liquitex acrylics with
      regards to paper marbling. I tried to use Liquitex for marbling but
      the colors seem to end up being pale. I use Liqutex that comes in jar
      form (medium viscocity).

      I suspect I did not shake the bottle well enough. Should I open the
      jar top and throughly stir the acrylic (so that the binder and
      pigment are throughly mixed) or shake the bottle longer? Or maybe the
      pale color came from adding too much water and Liquitex flow-aid.

      Maybe should I abandon Liquitex altogether and try other arcylic or
      fabric paint such as Setasilk etc. Anyone has experience using
      Setasilk by Phoebe or Maruba fabric paint.

      > Can some one tell me about alum. The instructions that I have for
      > with Liquitex acrylics indicates that alum from the grocery is
      quite OK.
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