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1721Re: [Marbling] Cream

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  • Gail MacKenzie
    May 8, 2003
      > No, no, Iris...the whipped cream is to be used with chocolate and honey and ,
      > maybe, blackstrap molasses. Who knows what the effects will be!! Gail
      > I will see the shaving cream experiment....running the same time as my
      > class. I don't know how he does it, haven't looked into it, but i would
      > think....if you sprayed it quickly on water (I would think the soap would
      > ruin size) and as it started disappearing, quickly lay the paper you might
      > get some really soft cloud effects. Just a guess, we will see. Maybe same
      > for whipped cream?
      > Diane are you out there....? Remember some of the weird stuff Paul Maurer
      > used years ago. I won't say. Will leave that up to you and/or Paul!
      > Paul....do you check in here?
      > Iris Nevins

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