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1588Re: Sumi Paper

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  • mpmh60201
    Mar 12, 2003
      As in traditional suminagashi: use a wooden dowel at the short end of
      the paper resting in the tray of size. Support the paper from
      underneath so that the end wraps around the dowel a bit. Then lift
      straight up and out of the tray. If the paper is delicate, DO NOT
      TOUCH the paper on the dowel with your fingers! It will rip away.
      Before using, cut the dowel just shorter than the width of the tray so
      that your fingers can hold the dowel and not touch the paper. Also
      make sure the width of the paper is shorter than the length of the
      dowel. I then transfer papers to a blotter for drying or, if strong
      enough, transfer them to a large slant board over my sinks to drain
      and dry. If papers are too heavy to wrap around the dowel from beneath
      the surface of the size, slide a wooden yardstick underneath for
      support instead of a dowel. This will help distribute the w
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