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  • J Dolphin
    Mar 8, 2003
      Welcome crystal!
      Although you can't attach a file directly to your post--you Can upload
      at the group home site. Go into the file menu--and just follow the
      instructions and your image will be stored there for everyone to see.
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      From: "crystalmirror2002" <crystalmirror2002@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, March 09, 2003 5:50 AM
      Subject: [Marbling] Re: Sumi Paper

      > Hi all -
      > I just found this group 2 days ago and am very happy to find such
      > a virtual gathering of marblers. I am also very impressed to see
      > so many highly revered marblers having the willingness and
      > patience to share advice with beginning and experenced
      > marblers alike! I have been marbling for 20 years, not full time,
      > but in episodic, manic spurts which have yielded thousands of
      > sheets over the years. I always discover new things every single
      > time I marble and that is one of the experiences i love about this
      > artform.
      > I have done a lot of marbling with sumi paper; one reason i really
      > like to use it is that it does not require alum (as is true also with
      > other papers that are unsized) .
      > i like to use the sumi papers to pick up residual patterns that
      > float on the surface after i have removed a piece of paper that
      > didnt cover the whole tray. you know , those times when you
      > have such a beautiful, ephemeral, swirly pattern left on the size
      > that it just breaks your heart to scrape it off with newspaper and
      > you dont have any small sheets of paper alumed to pick it up
      > with? well that is usually when i use the sumi paper...since it
      > doesnt need to be alumed, and one can not plan the
      > serendipitious effects that can occur when the colors left at the
      > edges of the bath float into *beauty*. i keep several
      > sizes/weights/colors of sumi paper on hand for just this
      > purpose.
      > i have also used the sumi papers as the 'primary target' for my
      > marbling, and even over marbled them many times. one of my
      > all time favorite marbles is a 15"x20" sheet of sumi paper which
      > is overmarbled twice. if i knew how to attach a jpg file to this
      > message i would put it out here for you to see. (is that even
      > possible?)
      > I marble with even the most thin and fragile of sumi papers, and
      > to lift it off the size i simply put a piece of newspaper down
      > directly on the sumi paper (which does indeed get completely
      > saturated with the carrageenan as soon as you lay it down on
      > the size) and the sumi paper adheres to the newspaper, which
      > of course is plently strong enough to hold the wet sumi paper,
      > and strong enough also to withstand the rinsing process. i
      > leave the sumi paper on the newspaper until it is completely dry,
      > and then peel it off.
      > occasionally, there may be some newpaper ink imprint left on
      > the sumi paper, but of the hundreds of sheets i have marbled
      > this way, i think maybe only 2% have had that ink stain problem.
      > i try to use newspaper pages with low ink loads to minimize the
      > potential for staining.
      > even if i wouldnt use an ink stained paper in a piece of art, i find
      > that none of my friends object to having their birthday gifts
      > wrapped in a paper with a little newspapery spot on it. (though
      > certainly these days the messages that could be left from any
      > newspaper could be too depressing and might render a paper
      > ineligible for gift giving !) :>)
      > pray for peace!
      > - Rain
      > PS, i realize brevity is probably appreciated in these messages,
      > and apologize for the overblabbling my 1am cup of tea has
      > induced...
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      > wrote:
      > > I'm wondering if anyone uses Sumi painting paper for
      > marbling?
      > >
      > > Thanks! Geri
      > >
      > >
      > >
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