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1560oil marbling

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  • marie-p@despammed.com
    Mar 3, 2003
      dear manihunt,
      i marbled exclusively with oils from 1983-1995. i used a cooked carrageenan size. oils can be floated on plain water, but i liked the effect better with a thickener added to the water. oils are very fluid and one cannot get nearly as much control or such fine patterns as in acrylic or watercolor because the oils continue to move fairly quickly on the surface of the water/size. however, the fluidity is the charm of the oil marbling and many wonderful effects can be had. one must use plenty of ventilation or work outside. when i would marble for hours on end, i would use a respirator mask and hope that none of the young kids from the neighborhood would come to the door. ha ha ha. anyhow, oils are quite fun. i even used them when working with my kids classes. soap and water clean up goes easily and i never had any complaints from the parents. not sure i would advise using them with kids in todays overly sanitary and safe-oriented society. of course we had big rooms, g!
      ood ventilation and short classes.

      happy marbling, marie palowoda
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