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1531RE: [Marbling] using stencils, and or multiple layers

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  • sandy
    Feb 6, 2003
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      Hi Ann,

      I took a class with Galen Berry and he used something that now that I
      have reread my notes is not rubber cement but "Liquid Frisket". Do a
      search on
      Google and see what comes up.
      As to the freezer paper it has no wax. There is a very thin plastic
      coating on one side of the paper that when ironed to paper or fabric
      sticks lightly. It peels off very easily. Just don't touch your iron to
      the plastic side or you could ruin your iron. And again yes, you cut the
      freezer paper in the shape you want and iron it to whatever you are

      Fremont, Ca

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      Sandy: how do you remove the rubber cement? and I presume when you use
      the freezer paper you cut out the shape and then iron it on, correct?
      and iron after to remove the wax? thanks, Ann
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