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1527Xinjiang Exhibition

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  • Oguzhan Tugrul
    Feb 2, 2003
      Dear Friends,
      I just heard from Mr.Niyazi Kerim,vice director of Xinjiang Calligraphy Society,

      that The 1st Marbling Art Exhibition
      (of the internationally donated works)
      in Urumchi-Xinjiang-China
      was held at the Fine Art Academy Gallery of Xinjiang !

      I would like to thank our friend Tom Leech
      for his faith in me and helping in the organisation of participants
      from North and South America,

      also the participants themselves
      for their generous contribution,donating their works
      to the Xinjiang Muesum of Antiquities.

      Presently all the 64 marbled works are in the custody of Fine Arts Academy,
      they are planning another exhibition.

      As soon as I have more information about this exhibition
      like press release,exhibition poster etc.
      I will keep you updated.

      cordially yours,

      ps.Due to lack of proper funds and sponsoring,
      MARBLASIA-project is inching (centimetering) its way
      at Turtle-speed.

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