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1524Re: [Marbling] using stencils, and or multiple layers

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  • Dolores Guffey
    Jan 30, 2003
      Regarding stencils for marbling.

      You can buy Fisket Film (available at Colophon) which looks like contact paper, but has a very low tac. A small roll (10" x 144") costs $16.00, and a large roll (15" x 144") costs $17.95. I found this information on their web site colophon@... . Another suggestion is to buy a stick of 3M repositional glue (about $1.00). This is an adhesvive similar to what is on the back of "Post-it Notes" and does not leave a sticky residue. Read the instructions, and be sure to let the adhesive dry before using as a stencil.

      If you can find any books by Christopher Weiman, he did exquisite examples of Turkish Marbling done with stencils.

      Good luck and have fun experimenting,

      d. guffey

      have been working with
      waterbased pigments on carageen and mostly my own paper,
      but some printmaking papers. Since I am at an art school and
      desperately want to bring marbling into a new light ( since here it
      is seen as merely decorative ) I have been playing around with
      different printmaking techniques ( ex. monoprinting on top of the
      marbled sheet and letting the patterns and freestyle shapes
      suggest what the monprinted image will be) Longing for more
      control I was experimenting with cutting my own stencils out of
      printer paper and gluing them onto the sheet before it is
      marbled. This seemed to work allright until the glue dried and I
      was left with a partially glued stencil with marbling around it.
      Does anyone have any suggestions about glue mixtures that
      would hold to the surface enough to get straight lines, but weak
      enough so I could eventually take the stencil off? I am also
      interested in anyone's experiments in layering different patterns,
      does the surface need to be re- sized inbetween impressions?
      ~ Melinda
      ( and to any of you who are also papermakers, Lee McDonald is
      going out of business, sad yes, but if you are in the north east,
      he's having a sale this friday and saturday in MA)

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