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1486Re: [Marbling] handmade papers for mabling

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  • James M Mahoney
    Dec 27, 2002
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      Hi, Tom -

      I am an artist and was a papermaker first, and actually started marbling
      because I thought it would be wonderful on my own paper. And I continue
      to enjoy marbling on my handmade paper. I use Golden Fluid acrylics and
      methyl cel. I do find the marbling looks different on different
      "compositions" of paper. I do not, with exceptions, use any sizing - my
      papers are usually waterleaf papers. This does make the process
      different in that I cannot leave the paper on the marbling surface for
      any length of time, and I cannot work with really large pieces of paper.
      I do not like the effect I get marbling on papers that contain other
      materials (flower petals, onion skins, natural fibers added, etc.) as I
      feel it confuses the eye and detracts from both the look of the paper and
      the look of the marbling. Most of the paper I make is all cotton, but I
      also make linen paper. I do find clear and precise patterns on both
      (when I do traditional patterns) but the linen has a beautiful crispness
      to it, both in the hand of the paper and in the look of the patterns
      (most often, I do the experimental or art marbling rather than patterns).
      I do love the linen papers! I use specific colors (from Twinrocker)
      when coloring my papers, and I much prefer to marble on the colored
      papers than on white (to me it gives an added depth to the colors). My
      linen papers are always a delicate color - never white, as I purchase the
      linen fibers, cut them up and make the pulp from those.

      If you have any particular questions, I will be happy to respond with
      whatever knowledge I have.

      By the way, I saw your exhibit at the Museum of Papermaking in Atlanta -
      your work was wonderful and I enjoyed it very much. The additional
      exhibit of old marbled papers was so very interesting. I wonder if you
      remember the piece against the back wall (behind the staircase) in which
      the marbling was broken up into very angular and "square" shapes. Can
      you tell me how that was accomplished? I've never seen a piece anything
      like that one and I'm very curious. And thanks for the demonstrations
      you gave at the Gathering - I have enjoyed working with some of the ideas
      you gave me! (and some are still rumbling around in my head waiting to
      work their way out!)

      Monita Mahoney

      On Thu, 19 Dec 2002 06:00:16 EST leech541@... writes:
      > Hello Marblers,
      > I've agreed to write an article for Hand Papermaking Magazine about
      > marbling,
      > and i would like to get a sense of what other marblers think about
      > marbling
      > on handmade papers. Any particular successes, failures, joys or
      > frustrations?
      > Technical problems? Too expensive? Too scary? I know of only a few
      > of you
      > (hello Marjorie Tomchuk) who do it regularly, as part of their work.
      > Others -
      > Susan Martin and Dana and Ingrid at Moth Marblers from time to time.
      > I know
      > many of you have experimented, and would love to hear your
      > thoughts.
      > Wishing you a happy holiday season, and Peace
      > tom Leech
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