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1476RE: [Marbling] handmade papers for mabling

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  • Franklyn Smith
    Dec 20, 2002
      Hi Tom,

      Are you including Japanese papers many of which are hand made and marble
      well, some with and some without alum?

      I agree with the information from Iris Nevins and Dedree Drees, but
      would just like to add that the effectiveness of the paper is much
      affected by the type of beating and the fibre content. Soft,
      under-beaten paper, and paper made from linters seem more likely to
      produce the fuzzy effect that Iris Nevins mentions. I have used my own
      handmade paper which had been heavily beaten or have a small percentage
      of flax fibre and both seem to be more receptive to marbling with sharp,
      clear lines. Tim Barrett's papers marble well but are expensive so I
      only use them for cover papers. I am sure that you could get information
      from Tim.

      I am sure that you know that Hand Papermaking did a portfolio of
      decorated paper on handmade paper some years ago. I vaguely recall that
      some of these were marbled.

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      Hello Marblers,

      I've agreed to write an article for Hand Papermaking Magazine about
      and i would like to get a sense of what other marblers think about
      on handmade papers. Any particular successes, failures, joys or
      Technical problems? Too expensive? Too scary? I know of only a few of
      (hello Marjorie Tomchuk) who do it regularly, as part of their work.
      Others -
      Susan Martin and Dana and Ingrid at Moth Marblers from time to time. I
      many of you have experimented, and would love to hear your thoughts.

      Wishing you a happy holiday season, and Peace

      tom Leech

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