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1334RE : [Marbling] Hello Iris, John Ang, Sandy and Jan...

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  • johnacs@pacific.net.sg
    Sep 25, 2002
      Dear Marlene,
      I went to Switzerland a few years ago. Beautiful countryside and mountains.
      Actually the forest fire came from neighbouring Indonesia. They burn the
      forest to clear land for farming. Happens every year around mid-year.

      >Hello Iris, John Ang, Sandy and Jan, and all the other members
      >Jonacs was the other site that made me rush into the shop and try to
      >find the marbling kit…(apart from Galen Berry) thank you John also for
      >your offer to answer my questions. I have a few today! I believe you
      >live in Singapore and I went there a few years ago. What a change of
      >climate and scenery. I loved it. We unfortunately didn’t see much of the
      >sun because forest fires in Malaysia brought all the dust and fumes

      I had a hard time searching for Carageenan too. But finally found one
      supplier which sells this stuff to manufacturers of puddings, jellies,
      ice-creams. Try searching your local yellow pages under "Food gums",
      "baking ingredient supplies" etc. Take note the supplier might have many
      grades of carageenan. What I did was asked for some samples of a few grades
      and tested them for suitability and cost.

      >I won’t give up marbling even if the result is still rather poor! And
      >as for supplies from the States, you know white powders have no chance
      >at all at the customs ­ Galen also said so. I’ll just have to make do
      >with Pebeo or find out my own stuff otherwise. Has anyone tried to make
      >the size with starch paste? Or tried with oil paints?

      The size can last about 4 days (in my case) before it starts to lose its
      viscosity and starts to smell.

      >How many times can one use the size with Carageenan?
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