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  • V. Wilson
    Sep 25, 2002
      Hi Marlene

      Have you tried contacting your customs people to see if you could get some
      kind of ruling about the importation of carrageen. Perhaps Nancy at
      Colophon could advise, as she ships to Australia. You could ask the
      supplier to provide a certificate stating the contents and its
      use. Another alternative is to contact some of the European marblers to
      find out how they source their supplies. Geert van Daal and Karli Frigge
      from the Netherlands use powdered carrageen, and Marie Ange Doizy of France
      may use powdered, or boiled carrageen. Their names will be in the marbling
      directory which has just been produced by Marie Palowoda. Carrageen in its
      natural state should be available in Europe, and there are many recipes
      around on how to produce the size.

      I don't think you need to give up on carrageen yet!! :-)

      Please contact me personally or via the list if you need further information

      Vi Wilson

      Try contacting this bookbinding school in Switzerland.
      Phone +41 091 825 11 62
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