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1330RE : [Marbling] Hello Iris, John Ang, Sandy and Jan...

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    Sep 25, 2002
      Hello Iris, John Ang, Sandy and Jan, and all the other members

      Thanks for your messages and sorry for the delay.

      Jonacs was the other site that made me rush into the shop and try to
      find the marbling kit…(apart from Galen Berry) thank you John also for
      your offer to answer my questions. I have a few today! I believe you
      live in Singapore and I went there a few years ago. What a change of
      climate and scenery. I loved it. We unfortunately didn’t see much of the
      sun because forest fires in Malaysia brought all the dust and fumes

      I won’t give up marbling even if the result is still rather poor! And
      as for supplies from the States, you know white powders have no chance
      at all at the customs – Galen also said so. I’ll just have to make do
      with Pebeo or find out my own stuff otherwise. Has anyone tried to make
      the size with starch paste? Or tried with oil paints?

      Unfortunately marbling seems to be totally unknown here . It was
      fashionable here in the eighties but you cannot find books or other
      providers than Pebeo. Luckily I found some literature at Amazon and
      Galen kindly agreed to send his booklet over.

      Jan, as for Pebeo the size is mysterious since they do not mention what
      it is. They call it thickener! I found that some colors did “eat” others
      which then go under. It does not float properly and certainly not “side
      by side”

      With Pebeo, the paper is not sponged with alum before it is used and the
      rake does not have a significant effect (a wooden stick and pins (like
      the ones for sewing) was provided and you had to make it first.

      I haven’t tried with material yet but eventually I would like to use it

      I also tried different acrilics and had to dilute them. It is not very
      easy to get the right quality.

      How many times can one use the size with Carageenan?

      I am definitely not giving up but need some more practice and advice ;-)

      Take care


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      Hi Marlene,

      I've used the Pebeo marbling paints, and found they work well. Although
      describe them as somewhat liquid, they're the same consistency as other
      products. You're right about the limited color palette, though. Pebeo
      has a product called Setacolor, iridescents in a wide range of colors,
      meant for fabrics. Many of them make good marbling paints if they are
      half and half or more with water, and they are another way to give you
      variety. The gold and the copper work especially well and give nice

      You don't say what kind of size was in your starter kit, only that you
      problems with it. I used to use sodium alginate, as carrageenan doesn't
      seem to be available anywhere in Canada. After all the comments on this
      list about the superiority of carageenan, I finally ordered some (I got
      mine from Galen Berry). It really made a big difference.

      I also ordered some of his acrylic paints, and some of his tools, and
      are all good products.

      If you are ordering from Galen, I highly recommend buying his
      pamphlet. It has very clear information about techniques, and also about
      mixing your own paints.

      At the moment I still have some Pebeo on hand, some of Galen's paints,
      some Liquitiex artist acrylics that I mix with water, and they all work.
      also haven't had any problems using more than one type of acrylic at the
      same time.

      Good luck.


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