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131Re: Sun Spot Marble

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  • Evi Parissi
    Mar 5, 2000
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      --- In Marbling@onelist.com, Adele Epstein <atelier_adele@y...> wrote:
      > I'm having trouble with this one, too. I note that all the other
      jpeg files in the archives have little pictures of mountains on their
      icons, but this one doesn't. Does that mean something? G- can you
      tell us more about this image viewer? What is it????, is it
      software? how is it installed? I've never heard of an "image
      > Many thanks, Adele

      > Adele Epstein
      > New York, New York

      I, too, had problem viewing this file and to overcome the problem I
      associated the file with my browser and was able to see it.
      I have a Windows 98 platform and use both Netscape and Microsoft
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