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  • irisnevins
    Sep 11, 2002
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      Yes......wonderful.....Can we do it again next week???? LOL!!

      It felt, by the last day, that I had lived there for a long time and was
      sorry to have to leave. All that was missing were my doggies......And
      Phoebe Easton, I wish you could have been there, we missed you terribly.

      So many friends from all over the world, and new friends. Meeting people I
      had spoken to for many years but never met, Like Nancy Morains, Ingrid
      Weimann, many others. Meeting new kindred spirits, not only in regards to
      marbling, but similar life experiences....(you may know who you are!).
      Marblers I had long admired but never had met such as Hikmet, Nedim

      Meeting new friends who did not even speak English....Montse Buxo from
      Spain, who was next to me at the portfolio sale....if you can read this in
      English, I think you are the next marbling superstar, and a delightful
      person.....I gave you a mention in the Guild Of Bookworkers Journal and
      hope it does you some good business-wise.

      Hikmet, Jake and Patty...your tiles are now displayed in my studio. I gave
      my own tile to a good friend who loved it ....with the condition I can look
      at it and remember the fun I had making the tile with you, Jim Currier.
      Great to see former students who are now excellent marblers, great to see
      the demos and how people work. It was like being at the very core of
      creativity, it was very intense.

      And.....Vi......I am so happy you won the wonderful book!! It will be so
      happy with you.You are right...it did need to go to Australia! That was
      something to remember!

      If any of you are passing through New Jersey/New York area....please call!

      Iris Nevins

      Message text written by INTERNET:Marbling@yahoogroups.com
      Dear Laura,
      As one of the participants of the IMG, and a first timer, I was totally
      by the job that you and your Planning Board did! Your job of organization
      left nothing undone from my viewpoint. I certainly agree with Vi's comment

      about a Marbling Village at Arrowmont, because the inhabitants of that
      Village became a Community in every sense of the word.
      Whenever I started to form a question about what was going on, all I had
      do was thumb through the booklet, and there was the answer. I especially
      liked the synopses of the lectures and demos. That made it possible to
      really listen to the verbal presentation.
      The barbecue was an incredible finale to the Gathering - the food was great

      and the setting and music really provided a touch of Tennessee.
      I can only begin to guess the man/woman hours that went into the planning,
      and hope that your Board has had a chance to sit down relax and catch a nap

      or two.
      Please extend my thanks to the staff at Arrowmont as well - the food was
      great, and everyone was courteous and seemed on top of whatever situation
      And to you, Laura, hats off and thanks again!
      Caryl Hancock, Indianapolis<
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