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  • Laura Sims
    Sep 11, 2002
      Hello all,

      A brief report of the International Marblers'
      Gathering will be given soon. Vi Wilson called it out
      "Marbling Village" since programs, food and housing
      were all available in one place.

      It was a rich experience providing satisfaction to
      those or scholarly interests, as well as to those who
      are brand new to the experiences of marbling.
      Presentations were outstanding and the Research and
      Development Room for trying different products and
      techniques was a place of enthusiastic chaos.

      The cook-out on the last night in the Great Smokey
      Mountains was a perfect ending to an amazing weekend.
      You haven't seen anything until you've seen Turkish
      Belly Dancing to Blue Grass Music. We waltzed and
      circled and twirled until the band packed up. The
      trolley ride back home was filled with laughter and
      satisfied yawns.

      Everyone was clearly lonely for their community/tribe
      and so happy to be together for a little while.

      We are very excited to report that there will be a
      newsletter to help maintain our connections. Money
      was raised during the auction so that we can now purse
      a Society of Marbling.

      Best to you all and if I didn't meet you this time I
      truely look forward to meeting you in the future.

      Warm Regards, Laura Sims

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