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  • Drees, Dedree
    Sep 1, 2002
      Dear Marblers

      Because school starts for me this week and missing first sessions is very
      bad form I will not be able to come to the conference.

      For our last escape before school starts, my husband and I took a short trip
      to TN and visited Arrowmont and saw the Marbler's Exhibit. I could not bear
      the thought of missing it.

      My review- When I went to the first gathering in Santa Fe much was new to
      me. I am less likely to be surprised by innovations now simply because this
      community has been sharing ideas more intensely than they did previous to
      1989. But what stands out are the more personally artistic directions
      people are taking with their work.

      Olaf is as always the epitome of exploration and discovery. Wait till you
      see his mysterious texture piece! Melena Hugues' use of suminigashi for rock
      pictures was really rich. Her development of such a lush variety of greys in
      these reminded me of the range Suerrat would get in charcoals. They would
      say of him that his black and white works were more colorful than other
      peoples color works. The complexity of Milena's greys in the rock images
      also speaks to the complexity of nature. Nedim Sonmez is using careful
      planning and delicate stylus work to tickle those floating blobs into very
      controlled representational forms that extend the traditional repertoire of
      forms. Marie Palowoda is making amazingly symmetrical carefully registered
      over marbled works.

      A number of experienced marblers are adding painted imagery into marbled
      fields. There is already a signature of the artist in pattern and color
      choices but the painted areas make the works decidedly individual. Hikmet
      Barutcugil's work was a surprise to me with the added figurative painting.
      So was Iris Nevin's. I would be happy to look at their marbled production
      papers on their own but seeing the more personal directions was really nice.

      There is a natural affinity between marbling and collage because one can be
      inspired by the pieces and see so many things in them but one cannot make
      different patterns in the same bath. So the appearance of a number of
      collaged and stenciled pieces is inevitable. I have seen Diane Maurer's
      collages developing over time but a number of the other artist's were new to
      me. You will have to check them out for yourself. I did not take notes and
      was inspired to write to the Yahoo group after the fact because I so wish I
      was going to be there to see the new people as well as the regular pros. I
      am about dying that I will miss
      meeting the Miuras. We got to the show 15 minutes before it was to close on
      Saturday having been caught in that nightmare traffic. The Gallery lady was
      kind enough to finish a few things up before she had to absolutely close so
      I had more than 15 minutes to look but not to "take names". There's an
      exhibit of school kids marbled work on the first floor but I had barely a
      glance at it.

      We went to the craft shop Arrowcraft which was open later. I picked up a
      copy of Mimi and Patti Schleicher's video, which somehow had escaped me
      previously. I have been collecting marbling books as available. The craft
      shop is wonderful in itself.

      I hope "you all", as they say in TN, have a marvelous time. I really wish I
      were there. If missing the first week of school were not a cardinal sin I
      would be there. It makes me want to retire early. I have been working on a
      new website this summer but I don't have the surface design area up yet. I
      do have a number of marbled images and images with marbling on though. The
      address is dedree.com

      Very best wishes
      Dedree Drees back in Baltimore
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