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1288Re: [Marbling] Digest Number 415

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  • dkmaurer1@aol.com
    Aug 29, 2002
      Hi All,

      Thanks to those of you who wrote to say they enjoyed the suminagashi or paste
      paper shows. Unfortunately the T.V. shows rarely let me know when they are
      re-airing. Martha Stewart Living called at the last minute...Carol Duvall,
      Martha Stewart Living and Home Matters all re-air the shows I did with them
      from time to time. Their websites may have info, I'm not sure. If I get any
      advance notice I'll post a message. My segment is only about 10 to15 minutes
      long, so it is not an indepth look at suminagashi. It's a little frustrating
      too, to have to limit the information I can give. Most of it has to be in
      response to the host's scripted questions.

      Sorry John, I'm sure the shows are not shown online.

      Best regards,
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