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1264Re: [Marbling] Beginning with suminagashi?

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  • molliann@aol.com
    Aug 9, 2002
      Jake, about suminagashi with kindergarten and up - It has been part of my art
      curriculum for several years. Until this year I used speedball ink and
      assorted acrylics and photo flo dispersant with varied success. This past
      year, I used the boku inks with much more consistant results.
      As someone has already mentioned, that horrible cheap manilla paper really
      works quite well. If your budget allows, also use Diane's Rice paper. I gave
      the students the manilla first and then the delicate rice paper later in the
      session. The rice paper was harder for the younger students to handle but the
      colors on the rice paper are more vivid.
      The younger students (kindergarten - second grade) have trouble controlling
      the the bamboo brushes and the ink. This past year, I gave them pencils to
      dip in the ink and placed the ink in baby food jars. Each color ink had its
      own color of pencil - blue pencil - blue ink. I also limited the colors.
      Beginning with black and dispersant and slowly adding additional colors- up
      to three - black, blue and red.
      I set the classroom up with two students to a tank (large plastic containers
      from Wal-mart). I have taught up to 24 students at one time using this
      method.- many classes are kindergarten.
      Suminagashi is a great marbling project for students - it is not expensive,
      it introduces them to marbling, and they love it. Good luck!
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