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  • enigmaticmatrix
    Jul 30, 2002
      Hi everyone! I wrote on here about a month ago that I want to come to
      the IMG. I was having financial problems and it was offered for me to
      pay half then the rest by August 15. I did not send the money 'cause
      I didn't have it. I regret to say that I still don't have the money
      to go. I have been trying for months to put away a little at a time
      so I can afford to go...but life happens. I don't think I will be
      able to go the IMG. **sob, sigh...** I am wondering if anyone will
      videotape the IMG. I am extremely interested in seeing the hands on
      workshops and demos. If anyone will videotape, write me back if you
      can let me learn from your tape. I hope you all have a good time and
      learn a lot!!! **...sigh...**
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