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1236Re: [Marbling] Beginning with suminagashi?

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  • James M Mahoney
    Jul 25, 2002
      Jake, in reply to your inquiry about suminagashi vs. traditional marbling
      in a school setting -

      Well, I guess I am the other side of the coin, Diane (hi!). I have both
      demonstrated and taught marbling in the elementary school setting, from
      kindergarten through 5th grade. I will preface my opinion with the
      statement that I really love both of these styles, so hopefully my
      feelings have nothing to do with outcomes. I have found that the
      suminagashi is much easier for set-up and supplies (and I love your Boku
      Undo colors, Diane); however, I have not found these little ones
      (particularly the lower grades) to have the dexterity and the
      "gentleness" in application that makes the suminagashi successful; it
      doesn't seem to hold their attention as well - perhaps because the
      patterns and colors on the paper are much lighter and delicate. All the
      kids I have worked with, from kindergarten on up, have been successful
      and have been mesmerized by the traditional marbling - they love it! The
      great thing is that they are each and every one successful - instant
      gratification - and they have something in their hands they have created
      that is beautiful to them! Before taking it into the school setting, I
      tried it out first on my grandsons, at the time aged 3 to 9 yrs. old,
      with great success and very few problems. True, it does involve a little
      more to do it the traditional way, but I adapted several steps and found
      it workable with kids everywhere from a carpeted Barnes & Noble bookstore
      to classrooms to school ground art fairs. I would be glad to share
      particulars with anyone who's interested.

      Just my own experience with kids and the processes - hope others will
      also share theirs.

      Monita Mahoney (Greer, SC)

      On Thu, 25 Jul 2002 18:32:16 -0000 "jemiljan" <jemiljan@...>
      > I wonder for those who want to try marbling for the very first time
      > if
      > recommending a Boku Undo Suminagashi kit would be a good
      > idea. It really seems to me the most easy method of marbling,
      > and you really don't have to make anything up. Paper is an issue
      > though.
      > I would love to hear if there is a cheaper paper that works well
      > with these colors. Soon i will punge into the world of arts
      > education, and this really seems to me the most suitable
      > method for elementary school art teachers. It would be
      > interesting to hear comments from others who have taught or
      > demonstrated marbling in a school setting.
      > Jake Benson
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