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  • susaglenn
    Jul 25 7:38 AM
      Hi, Gina,
      I'm sorry, but I have been at this full time for 2 years & I have
      discovered a lot of things about it, but nothing is particularly
      simple about any of it except for all of the components taken
      individually. So your request for a simple method stumps me. My
      advice is to get every marbling book you can get your hands on &
      study them. Study the archives here; there is a wealth of good
      advice for free. Get yourself a tray (dimensions determined by what
      you want to do), some paint (type determined by what you are after),
      some size (methylcel or carrageenan - there's good & bad about both,
      you choose), the various accoutrements, and have a go at it. Even at
      the beginning the process is very addicting and wonderful. And
      frustrating. You will learn by doing. Good luck!
      Susa Glenn

      - In Marbling@y..., "glb662002" <burgessg@b...> wrote:
      > Just thought that I would introduce myself to the group.
      > My name is Gina, I am married mother of one 12year old girl. I
      > been a stamper for about two years now and have just come to the
      > point of making my own paper and hopefully marbling as well!
      > However, I need all the advise I can get. At this point I would
      > to use any KISS methods anyone has till I get the hang of it.
      > TTFN
      > Gina
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