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  • Laura Sims
    Jul 2, 2002
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      Hello all,

      With only 2 months until the Gathering I wanted to
      check in briefly and give you an update.

      We still have room in registration in case you're
      wondering if there is still time.

      We have received a grant from the East Tennessee
      Foundation and the American Crafts Council to help
      fund the event... a big help!!!

      I talked to Jean Marie Seaton about her Tribute Books.
      She wishes for attendats to hold the books and look
      at the individual pages. Jean Marie will have a
      display area in the library where she can present her
      collection personally.

      The Tribute Exhibition is going to be intimate, but
      outstanding. We never dreamed we would get such an
      enthusiastic response.

      Of course there will also be an excellent presenters
      and juried exhibition.

      The program is set. It will be jammed with slide
      lectures, demos and evening opportunites for hands-on.
      Start taking you vitamins.

      27 US states and 9 countries are represented so far.

      I have been reading some of the info about some kind
      of publication. In the end I do not know what form it
      will take. The goal is to keep the network in tact
      after the Gathering.

      Best to all, Laura

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