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  • jazzcatsclifton@cs.com
    Jun 23, 2002
      I'm a lurker on this group and a marbling enthusiast. I am currently trying
      to figure out a good way to start marbling on my own (mostly issues of space
      and confidence). I have spent two gloriously weeks at Arrowmont (four years
      apart) marbling with Mimi Schleicher. I am enjoying this list and hearing
      from the experts in the field.

      As to the web alternatives. Yahoo suits me fine but I wouldn't be adverse to
      joining something else and paying an annual fee. Given how many other things
      I join, $25 would probably be a top figure. I am writing to caution setting
      up a not for profit organization unless you're prepared for a good deal of
      work. It also helps to have a lawyer involved. I believe the advance time
      for getting 501C3 status is around six months if you really work at it. You
      also need to have a board, etc. etc. Another option could be applying for
      grants through another organization. There are often umbrella organizations
      that are willing to let you apply and then they serve as your fiscal agent.
      Sometimes they charge a fee for their administrative work.

      I don't know of an organization off the top of my head that would work. It
      would probably make sense if it's geographically located near the person who
      will be doing the applying. Maybe a book or paperarts organization - perhaps
      a university with such a program (universities I know ALWAYS charge an
      overhead and it can be hefty).

      Anyhow, thought I'd contribute since this is something I do know something

      Debbie Shannon
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