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1198Re: Yahoo! marketing and SPAM

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  • jemiljan
    Jun 22, 2002
      We are plannig a panel discussion on this very topic on Saturday
      afternoon. Yes, you are correct that it will take a group of
      "techies" to manage the web aspects. I think the idea is to start
      small- have a short, occasional newsletter letter sent snail-mail.
      If we can get a Non-profit up and running, then we can apply for
      the funding.

      I might point out that when compared to what we paid for
      marbling magazine subscriptions, this may actually be a little bit
      cheaper and easier to manage.

      I'm just brainstorming for now, but would love to hear more
      comments on this issue. In particular, I would like to ask

      "If we had a marbling society, what goals would you like to see

      "What could a marbling society do for you personally?"

      "Would you subscribe to an on-line marbling magazine?"


      --- In Marbling@y..., "J Dolphin" <jdolphin@s...> wrote:
      > It is a very large but not impossible endeavor. I'm sure this
      matter will
      > also be discussed at the conference this year , too. It is a lot of
      > and you will need people savvy in internet matters, Not
      marbling, to set up
      > and maintain the web presence. Certainly I hope the
      conference will allow
      > people a chance to discuss this matter, and here too.
      > Thanks
      > Jill
      > > Yahoo may be a convenient way to bring us together, but we
      may find at
      > some
      > > point that we could do better.
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