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  • i_ate_breakfast
    Some dude over at a Yahoo Group called Uneternity is putting together a net book of a world. I m trying to make some maps for him. the five worlds of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2002
      Some dude over at a Yahoo Group called Uneternity is putting together
      a net book of a world. I'm trying to make some maps for him.

      the five worlds of the spiral are:

      They are all named after alien Gods

      The world in focus is Sanizon.
      Things to take note are that the So on Sanizon, over millenia, have
      forgotten that they are part of a larger civilization and have
      mistaken the
      High Circle for deities, as only rulers truly knew the nature of the

      A brief history:
      The beginning:
      Sygrus, the bard encounters the "song in the sky" (A powerful,
      alien God that took the form of a song to communicate with Sygrus) and
      bargains with it for a safe refuge. The song, in return, asks for his
      precious possession. Sygrus offers up his necklace, given to him by a
      love, which is subsequently turned into the spheres of the spiral.
      Many seek
      the very rock that Sygrus stood on during this cataclysmic event, but
      failed. This took place 30,000 years (or cycles) ago. Sygrus was
      driven mad
      by his contact with the Alien.

      Age of Creation:
      Freespace sprung into being, sheltering all within from the terrible
      energies of wildspace. The Gods notice the existence of mortals in the
      uneternity and converge on the anamoly. Sygrus becomes the founder of
      High Circle, hoping that his legacy will be forever preserved. The
      circle's original purpose was to carry out another portion of the deal
      between the bard and the alien "song", which is to promote culture and
      generally remain 'interesting'... The 'Song' is said to have
      mentioned that
      it would return every 33,000 years to see if Sygrus kept his promise.
      Unfortunately, due to their proximity to Sygrus, all successive
      Chairs of
      the High Circle have been insane to a degree.

      Age of Miracles:
      The Gods, especially those of the Lost Pantheon, reveal themselves to
      So, demanding or requesting worship. Major religions are established.
      Society begins to coalasce into distinct power blocs. Friction between
      different racial and ethical groups grow. The first Flesh Fiend
      Insidyl, emerges, damning all psionic individuals into victims
      suspicion and
      hatred. This age ended with the sundering - when the High Circle
      the peoples of the So to live on the 5 worlds

      Age of Progress:
      cities and nations are established. Science flourishes. Psionic men
      women are hailed as 'gifted'. The worlds forget about the High Circle
      their purpose. Dragons leave the spiral to search for their creator in
      wildspace. Only Lorakinath, lord of Gold dragons, returned.
      Loreseeker Adeus
      discovers the So. Brotherhood of the untainted temple founded.

      Age of Strife:
      Wars erupt throughout the spiral worlds as empires reach the limit of
      expansion. Advances in science from previous age all lost... or buried
      beneath rubble. Sanizon was unified by an empire that lasted 3
      before it was overthrown by a man named Ri'en (See Blood Dancer). He
      called the Red Tyrant thereafter. 3 psionic lords rally the forces of
      Sanizon and began what is called the 'Mind Wars'- Psionic supremacists
      versus normal humanoids. The Age of Strife was brought to an end with
      coming of Manicus, musician non-parallel. He revived the original
      purpose of
      the So and united the 5 worlds briefly with an earth-shaking song,
      the Lex
      Manicus. Some say he was Sygrus come again. Tshorin Manicus perished
      at the
      climax of the grand concert when an unknown entity entered freespace
      consumed him. He was never seen again. The lex manicus is now in two
      portions, memorised by two psions (Taek and Shaeman) who hate each
      with a passion. The High Circle wants the acquisition of the Lex
      Manicus at
      all costs.

      Present (adventure) : Lady Cryss is now the first Chair of the So High
      Circle. Her weakness caused her to let slip the greatest secret of
      the High
      Circle to an Egorarch, Incerion, spawn of Insidyl. Incerion seeks to
      freespace by playing the Lex Manicus with the power of the spiral
      (The song of the Spheres) The "Song in the sky" is due to return in 1
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