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more good old days

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  • James Chrisman
    Goblin Merchants, Mages, & MapMakers with their Hobgoblin Slave- Soldiers have infiltrated most major civilizations to some degree. Gnome & Halfling brewers,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2001
      Goblin Merchants, Mages, & MapMakers with their Hobgoblin Slave-
      Soldiers have infiltrated most major civilizations to some degree.

      Gnome & Halfling brewers, vintners, farmers, artisans, & adventurers
      are widespread in and near most large civilizations (that do not
      enslave, eat or kill other sentients on sight).

      Sentient Saber-toothed tigers live mainly in the Plains of Bast, but
      a few can be found on most continents, including some snow white ones
      on the northern polar cap and several mountains, and a few jet black
      ones can be found in the dense tropical jungles.

      Wildmen, Centaurs, Hobgoblins, Ogres, Giant Eagles, Wild Orcs,
      Beastmen, Minotaurs, Wolfen, & stone age tribes prefer more rural
      areas and spend their time surviving and avoiding slavers.

      Ghouls inhabit any village, town or city that has a large goblin
      population, and skulk around the shadows in many more.

      A race of giant intelligent spiders inhabits darker corners of
      ancient forests, beneath cities, jungles, and underground lakes. They
      mainly eat rats, bats, lizards, monkeys, birds, giant insects, lost
      children, & solitary travelers, but occasionally work together with
      others and ambush small caravans, pilgrims, or adventurer bands. In
      some places the spiders are worshipped and fed sacrifices, these soon
      become larger than their hunting cousins and learn the langauges of
      their benefactors, they also become lazy & passive.

      Most large orc tribes of Ver Suel have managed to become enslaved by
      powerful liches (considered demons by the orcs) and serve their
      masters well. They mainly war on each other, using the orcs as pawns,
      but occasional forays & campaigns against other nearby races every
      decade or so are also common. Other orc tribes use hobgoblin, half-
      ogre, ogre, & half-orc slave soldiers in their wars.

      The few elves (that aren't dark elves) of Ver Suel live in semi-
      nomadic family bands, gathering every five years to swap stories,
      find wives, and drive other races from their forests. Those under a
      century old often journey to other lands, and become involved in
      local politics, study or teach magic (or a craft skill, or language,
      etc.), serve as mercenaries, spy, or just wander from place to place

      The nomadic plains goblins ride diatrymas (axebeaks) and follow vast
      herds of wild cattle and war with each other. Raids against the
      nearby desert folk of Etemmu are rare because on the second raid the
      dead are there to greet them, including their own. They trade with
      the desert folk for the giant lizards that they consider a delicacy &
      the skin makes excellent boots & armor.

      ETEMMU: A land of desert dwelling humans who take the dead to a large
      necropolis to be mummified, the priests who dwell there are
      necromancer vampires with human initiates and goblin slaves, they use
      their undead creations as an army to protect the desert nomads &
      themselves from serious threats & destroy tribes that lose the faith.
      In the semi-arid region surrounding the desert some of the humans
      have walled off springs, sold their giant lizard mounts, and given up
      the nomadic life for that of a merchant. Selling water, slaves, &
      trading with the plains dwellers for cattle.

      PLAINS OF BAST: Tropical grasslands with scattered trees and several
      large lakes. Vast herds of wild cattle, antelopes, & elephants roam
      the grasslands, dire lions, giant vultures, hyeanodons, & wild dogs
      follow the herds. In the lakes live giant crocodiles, giant
      constrictors, giant catfish, giant frogs, and many varieties of large
      fish. The local nomadic human tribesmen who follow the herds ride
      half-wild diatrymas (axebeaks) and worship the spotted lions as
      avatars of bast, always leaving a portion of their kills for them. In
      two of the lakes on floating villages live tribes of amphibious
      humanoids, both worship Bokra and revere the giant frogs, one tribe
      keeps half-human slaves to act as cannon fodder in times of war and
      as intermediaries to the goblin merchant caravans & nomads for trade.
      Six of the lakes have enormous stone temples on the bottom of them,
      which can be seen from the surface glowing with a faint radiance on
      the darkest nights. The frog people avoid these lakes except in times
      of dire need and then even the priests never return from the moonless
      night of supplication.

      on the edge of the Plains of Bast lies a city-state called Iphin,
      founded by goblin merchants on what the tribesmen consider holy
      ground, by building a large stone temple to bast and a merchant guild
      700 years ago. Iphin is wealthy from the trade in half-wild riding
      beasts (axe beaks), furs, ivory & cattle from the nomads, the
      crocodile skins, fish and rare aquatic plants from the amphibian
      humanoids, its many nearby jade mines, and the slave trade (including
      the occasional half amphibian/half human). The city-state also
      produces a sweet tasting; mildly addictive dark green wine made from
      some of the aquatic plants. Which if drank in large quantities (four
      or more bottles) can cause the drinker to go into a comatose like
      slumber for one to four days in which the victim has very vivid
      dreams or nightmares (CON check at minus two for each bottle drank
      past three to resist, critical failure indicates a permanent sleep).
      Of course, many of the nomads over the centuries have settled here
      and the temple has grown in size and power. Those caught harming any
      feline in or outside of the city-state are fed to the very large
      temple lions, who are rumored to be the high priests themselves (were-
      lions, which of course they are). The city guard still ride the ill
      tempered axe beaks and wear leather armor, carry a shield, long
      spear, and wield a scimitar. The local assassin's guild is comprised
      of were-panthers that through a technicality are protected by the
      temple, as long as they never harm a feline including other guild
      members. The assassins' ancestors are originally from the totem
      lands, and they still harbor great resentment towards elves,
      contracts on elves are always half-priced. They also have a much
      lighter skin color than the local brown-skinned nomads do when in
      human form.
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