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idea for GURPS

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  • James Chrisman
    City-State of Utshepit A few thousand years ago minotaurs, beastmen, & hobgoblins lived here in roaming family bands of hunter/gatherers. Then along came a
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      City-State of Utshepit

      A few thousand years ago minotaurs, beastmen, & hobgoblins lived here
      in roaming family bands of hunter/gatherers. Then along came a band
      of goblin explorers, barely surviving their first few encounters with
      the natives, but immediately realizing the potential profits in
      slaves. After a long dangerous journey, the enterprising goblins
      returned with reinforcements, and set up shop. The first step was to
      use charm & enslave on the brutal minotaurs; the minotaurs in turn
      helped capture hobgoblins,

      The beastmen however proved to be more elusive and wary of magic,
      they had their own shaman, and few were captured. Soon the holding
      pens were full, and more storage was needed, the hobgoblins &
      beastmen were released in favor of the more valuable minotaurs, and
      construction of a large wooden palisade was started. Over the years
      as the profits rolled in, the palisade became a keep, then two, and
      then three keeps, finally all three were connected by tall stone
      walls. The large minotaur population became a problem to control, and
      after a few very bloody revolts a few of the most powerful minotaurs
      were enslaved (by the spell enslave) and set up as puppet leaders.
      This worked so well that a few decades later a powerful goblin wizard
      cast exchange bodies on the largest minotaur and was made king. When
      copper, tin, & silver was discovered in the nearby mountains it
      became more profitable to use the minotaurs as miners and the export
      of them stopped. The city-state also began trading bronze knives, &
      bronze spearheads with the beastmen in exchange for furs, the
      hobgoblins used those captured in raids (beastmen & rival hobgoblins)
      for barter. I know it is a suck-ass story but it is all I could come
      up with right now.

      Minotaur Racial Template – 50 points

      ST+3, IQ-1, HT+3 Absolute direction, alertness +3, Horns (imp/thr,
      cr/sw), DR+3, peripheral vision, +2 skull DR (7 total, wow), short
      lifespan 3, self destruct, increased life support 2 (eat three times
      as much as a man), bloodlust, obnoxious drunk, chauvinistic, odious
      racial habit: eats sentient beings, primitive –2 (TL 1).

      Beastmen, hobgoblins, & minotaurs enslaved by the city-state are
      branded and are considered subjugated (-20 points to cost) and those
      born as slaves considered TL 1 (primitive –2, -10 points), those born
      free are TL 0 (primitive –3) (oh yea that's –15 points).

      City-State Status 5 – Minotaur King, 4 – minotaur noble or goblin
      master wizard, 3 – merchant lord or goblin high wizard, 2 – goblin
      merchant, wizard, or weaponsmith, 1 – gladiator or craftsman, 0 –
      citizen (miner, soldier, trader, owns small slave farm), -1 – non-
      citizen or petty criminal, -2 – slave or beggar, -3 – beastman or
      hobgoblin, -4 – murderer or arsonist.

      Forest Tribes Status 3 – chief, 2 – sub-chief or shaman, 1 – warrior,
      0 – hunter/gatherer, -1 – outcast, member of different tribe or
      outsider, -2 – minotaur or goblin.
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