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Pathfinder: Spelljammer

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  • dirtkami
    I was pondering a Spelljammer campaign using Pathfinder and a google search showed me that its already being done. Spelljammer:Birthstone
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2011
      I was pondering a Spelljammer campaign using Pathfinder and a google search showed me that its already being done.


      The PCs - Human Necromancer, Half-Elf Mage, Dark Elf Ranger, Dwarf Fighter, and a Gnome Wizard

      Spelljammer Pathfinder Campaign

      The Party - Kender Bard, a Goblin Druid, a Warforged Crusader, a Halfling Sorcerer/Rogue, a Changeling Fighter/Rouge and a Beholder.

      Planejammer Chronicles

      Catfolk Rogue/Swashbuckler, Maened Wilder, Aasimar Cleric, Human Fighter, and a Human Sorcerer

      Pathfinder Swashbuckler 

      Spelljammer: Into The Void has some PFRPG stuff, like stats of SJ Races 

      and from the Paizo Messageboards 

      Third planet from the Sun is Changling Earth, this is an Earth based on the Change Novels written by S.M. Stirling, and a mysterious power removed the Earth from our Universe and inserted it into this Crystal Sphere.

      Venus is a steamy hot jungle planet, some elves at the higher latitudes and altitudes make their home here, in the valleys and lower elevations live lizardfolk, merfolk in the oceans, and dinosaurs roam the landscape of this planet, as is traditional for fantasy Venus, the sky is always overcast with 100% cloud cover, a certain goddess of love and beauty keeps her second home here in some secret location, rumored to be a palace of crystal on some remote island, or on a mountain top burning like a silver flame.

      Mars is the red planet, and also a very bloody one as well, a certain war deity has made his presence felt here, on the ruins of lost cities and abandoned canals live various tribes of orcs, and some savage semi-civilized/barbarous humans, various cold loving desert creatures including dragons of various sorts also dwell on this planet.

      The Moon is a land of faeries and various fae types, who have cast an illusion on this would making it appear barren and cratered, because they don't like being disturbed, the Moon actually has an atmosphere and is covered with forests and lake filled craters, The faeries on the Moon can see the Earth just fine from the surface as the illusion is only one way.

      Mercury is a world of fiery dragons and heat loving creatures such as magmen, but their are communities of halflings in the cooler polar regions.

      The Asteroid Belt is an archpelago of rocky islands covered with varying amounts of vegitation and life, inside the asteroids, dwarves labor in their mines extracting valuable ores and forging various items out of those metals, some of those asteroids have been turned into spelljamming ships.

      Jupiter is an aerial abode, kind of like an extension of the elemental plane of air onto the prime material plane here, but in this case there is a definite direction of down that points to the center of the planet, the gravity field here is the same as on Earth and all the other planets and asteroids, there is a certain altitude on Jupiter that is optimal for life, descend further and the temperature and pressure grow intollerable, most of the multi-colored cloud bands are below the life zone, above it the sky is mostly clear and blue with multiple moons in view at most times, there are a few water clouds, and things at times can get quite stormy on occasion, a mighty god keeps his abode here, it is rumored to be a castle in the clouds, or a palace, and this fellow is of giant stature when he appears and has been known to cast thunderbolts when he gets angry, but there are many other storm giants living on this planet, and cloud giants as well, most of them aren't gods.

      Saturn is a smoggy place and is home to various Titans who were overthrown by the gods, and it is here that they are plotting their revenge. It is otherwise anothe aerial place filled with cloud and storm giants, chromatic dragons, and various other not so nice things.

      Uranus and Neptune are water worlds and hence their bluish color, a sea god inhabits Neptune, this god is also a Titan, and it was he who turned on his fellow Titans and helped bring on the ascendency of the current crop of gods, both planets are host to various aquatic life, one can set their spelljamming ship down on the surface of these ocean worlds, but there is no land, it is all ocean, and most of the life on these planets live below the surface.

      Pluto is a cold extention of the Hells on the Prime Material Plane and certain god of wealth and the underworld has an abode here and has been seen here on numerous occasions, various demons, devils, and other extraplanar monsters have made their appearance here including Tiamat - a five headed multi-colored chromatic dragon.

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