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  • dirtkami
    Background (Roll 1d20) 1. Charlatan 2. Entertainer 3. Explorer 4. Grave Robber 5. Guard 6. Hunter 7. Inquisitor 8. Mercenary 9. Navigator 10. Occultist 11.
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 7, 2010
      Background (Roll 1d20)
      1. Charlatan
      2. Entertainer
      3. Explorer
      4. Grave Robber
      5. Guard
      6. Hunter
      7. Inquisitor
      8. Mercenary
      9. Navigator
      10. Occultist
      11. Physician
      12. Sailor
      13. Scholar
      14. Slave
      15. Smuggler
      16. Soldier
      17. Spy
      18. Thief
      19. Thug
      20. Tribal Warrior

      Catalyst (roll 1d8)
      Now that you have an idea of what you once did, its time to give some thought as to why you left your previous life and embarked on a journey of selfless sacrifice and soul searing encounters with that which lies beyond.

      1. The Sole Survivor
      Sometime in your past, whether as a child or as an adult, you were miraculous survivor of a group that was horribly savaged and killed. Perhaps, when you were a child, your family was attacked by a pack of werewolves during a particularly vicious snowstorm. Your mother hid you away and managed to close the cellar door just seconds before the beast leapt upon her. As an adult, you may have been part of a battle against cultists. Their foul blood magic fell many of the contingent and you fell unconscious during the onslaught. When you awoke beneath some palm fronds, you found your fellows slaughtered, their hearts ripped out of their chests. Regardless, by some miracle you find yourself the only survivor out of a group of victims. It was not long thereafter you decided to use this second chance at life to make sure that no one else would suffer as you had.

      2. The Lazarus Effect
      You died. Or at least you believe you did. You may have found yourself in a shallow grave, frantically clawing your way out, or you may have found yourself pinned beneath a pile of corpses, just another of the dead awaiting burial. Whatever it was that you "died" from, it was certainly not from anything as simple as consumption or the plague. Whatever you died from was brutal, bloody and terrifying.

      3. The Damned
      You've done some bad things in your life; some really bad things! Whatever your crime, whether it be against the laws of Man or some transgression against the gods, you realize that an eternity of burning in Hell awaits you unless you can somehow redeem yourself. Since that day, you hunt down those who are too corrupted to be saved and show mercy to those who may yet find salvation.

      4. Cursed
      Somewhere along the line, you were cursed. It may be an ancient family curse that has descended upon you or you greatly offended a true Witch who laid her spell upon you. Whatever the cause, you were searching to have it removed by whatever means necessary. Every wise-man, priest and minister were either unable to help or were opportunistic charlatans taking your last pence and giving only false hope. Finally, when all hope was lost, a strange and foreboding man appeared and offered salvation. All you had to do was give up your old life and follow him on his bizarre crusade against evil. Desperate for help, you agreed and your life became more dangerous and terrifying than a hundred curses could be.

      5. The Witness
      You saw something, something that everyone else didn't see or refused to believe. But instead of trying to blot the image from your mind through drink or drugs, you acted; you fought back. Now the things from the darkness know that you are not mere chattel like the rest of humanity, but a threat to their power. They know who you are and they are after you. Whether it was for self-preservation or from a deep-seated need to do the right thing, you fight these malignant denizens of Hell. Perhaps one day, you'll be able to truly have a good night sleep without having to keep one eye open.

      6. The Chosen
      Upon your birth, your parents were told that you had a great destiny before you, you never had a normal life. Nightmares were your bed time stories and the soothing coo of a mother was replaced by the howls of creatures not meant for this world. You may have tried to fight destiny, learning a mundane trade and trying to lead a normal life, but events conspired to cause you to take up arms and do what you were born to do.

      7. Odd Bob
      Weird things always seem to happen around you. Some think you're cursed or are just bad luck to be around. Bizarre occurrences and happenings follow you wherever you go. As a child, while other children scrambled up a hill, you were the one that fell into a hole and discovered an ancient barrow. Any other child would be delighted to find a shiny coin by the side of the road, but the ones you found were always strange with sigils carved into them. As an adult, the strangeness became more pronounced and disturbing and eventually you faced certain death at the hands of servants of the Adversary. Fortunately, a group of extraordinary people appeared in time to rescue you. They adopted you as one of their own and gave meaning to your odd luck.

      8. DM's choice


      Tribal Warrior
      - Natural Stealth
      You are adept at blending into natural surroundings, +2 whenever you make a Stealth roll outdoors. Stealth is always a class skill for you.
      Charlatan - Silver Tongue
      You gain a +1 bonus to any Bluff and Diplomacy rolls and one of those skills is always a class skill for you.
      Entertainer - Gifted Performer
      You have a natural knack for performance, +2 when you make Perform checks and it is always a class skill for you.
      Explorer - Trail-Blazer
      You are at home in the wild. You may make Survival rolls at full overland speed. Linguistics is always a class skill for you.
      Grave Robber - Seen it All
      In your trade, you've seen plenty of nasty stuff. Whenever you face fear the effect becomes one step lower, panicked drops to frightened, frightened to shaken, and shaken to no effect.
      Guard - Alert and Ready
      Your job is to protect those in your charge. Your aid another (defensively) is +3. In addition, you get a +2 to Perception checks while on watch.
      Hunter - Blooded
      You are experienced in bringing down dangerous prey. You gain a +1  initiative. You also gain a +2 to Survival (track) rolls made to follow and identify trails made by animals.
      Inquisitor - Sense Corruption
      You have a knack for detecting lies, you gain a +2 bonus to Sense Motive rolls. In addition, you gain a +1  bonus to saving throws versus fear.
      Laborer - Sturdy
      You are accustomed to hardship. Once per day per point of your Constitution bonus, you gain a DR equal to your Constitution bonus as a free action. Example, 14 Con would be able to ignore 2 points of damage twice a day.
      Mercenary - Hardened
      Life on the march has made you more comfortable in uncomfortable environments. You gain a +2 bonus to checks made to resist the negative effects of hunger, thirst, and temperature. You can also sleep in medium armor with no ill effect.
      Navigator - Direction Sense
      You have an uncanny sense for which way is north. You never need to roll Survival to determine true north. In addition, you are never at risk of getting lost so long as you have maps or a compass.
      Occultist - Avid Reader
      After a lifetime of reading old, musty tomes, they hold few secrets from you. When using a scroll or other written object, you may read them as a 1st level wizard.
      Physician - Miracle Worker
      You have a gift for healing. You gain a +2 bonus to all Heal rolls. Performing First Aid is a free action for you.
      Sailor - Sea Legs
      You are accustomed to the rolling deck of a ship, giving you amazing poise and balance. Gain a +2 bonus to Acrobatics.
      Scholar - Lore
      You have picked up all sorts of useful (and useless) information. You may roll Knowledge checks to learn information normally revealed only through a Trained Knowledge roll.
      Slave - Resistance
      You are accustomed to a life of hardship. Gain +1 DR.
      Smuggler - Contraband
      You are good at hiding things. +3 to Sleight of Hand when hiding things and it is always a class skill for you.
      Soldier - Veteran
      You are unfazed by combat. When rolling for initiative, you gain a +2 bonus.
      Spy - Adaptable
      You can change your appearance quickly. You gain a +2 bonus to Disguise and it is always a class skill for you.
      Thief - Cutpurse
      You are skilled at filching purses. You may use Sleight of Hand to pick pockets as a free action and it is always a class skill for you.
      Thug - Fierce
      You live by instilling fear in your enemies. When using Intimidate to scare your opponents, you gain +2. Finally, the damage for your unarmed attacks increases by +1.
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