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Blade Runner 2019

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  • Abrigon Gusiq
    (sorry if OT For some lists, just some are dead lists and will see about life? Some lists date from what I was more into Morrow Project stuff)). Watching Blade
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2007
      (sorry if OT For some lists, just some are dead lists and will
      see about life? Some lists date from what I was more into Morrow
      Project stuff)).

      Watching Blade Runner, and had a wild thought.

      Imagine if Blade Runner was Mordor and their was a Ring, but was
      it a ring like in Lord of the Rings, or one like in Titan AE,
      was a map to the Titan ship.

      Blad Runner - Los Angeles 2019, looks alot like Mordor in Lord
      ot fhe Rings.

      Or like Star Wars the planet that is a giant city, is like LA in
      Blade Runner.

      Genetics, wonder what it would be like if your grandfather was a
      "Super Soldier" test subject, but your grandfather did not show
      anything special. But now its 60 years later and you start
      showing signs of super powers like Captain America?

      Or instead of Replicants, you have Orcs, either genetically
      created, or they are what is left of the Chimp or Gorilla or
      other simian population now uplifted or just used and abused?

      Sorry, finding ideas for a Underworld or like world. Things
      dark, sinister, brutal and blood filled or just much like
      Fahrenteit 451 (new speak and like ideas, or Clockwork Orange?)
      ideas anyone?

      Ideas like "If you not a cop, your little people" speaks of a
      planet where the Cops run everything and its some sort of
      dictatorship or just a run down planet with everyone afraid to
      be .... not sure, all are cops or crooks or just cops, little
      people (sounds like they are little better than replicants, but
      with longer life spans, grin), and replicants in the outer
      worlds. What sort of world is offworld, most are military models
      or serve the military? Not sure if they have normals as
      military, or all are replicants, and who are they fighting?

      Star Ship Troopers universe? OR something else? Aliens from the
      Alien movies? The movies speak of using the Aliens genetics to
      make super soldiers or something like?

      What about the Predators from the movies? They all seem to exist
      in the same universe.. What other aliens are there out there?

      Are Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Ogres, Trolls fantasy beings or are
      they some memories of some ancient past where we was in space
      and met them as aliens?

      Anyone seen the movie "The Island" it seems much like Blade
      Runner in ways, but where the Donors are finding their way out
      and need to be returned or eliminated aka Retired?

      All this seems to be building to a theme, the movies we watch,
      what do they represent and feel or fear?

      I am Borg, ever seen someone with a blue tooth cell phone? Next
      step is? Implants? N-Jacks (neural jacks) and neural interfaces
      that allow for some to have lives with artificial limbs, but
      also what else? Nanotech?

      What if the children of men come home to earth and demand
      responses? Blade Runner 3, where the Replicants organize and
      come back to Earth as an armada? How to live past 4 years? Or
      new replacements.

      Somewhere out in the outer worlds a resistance group is
      building, the Replicants are wanting more than 4 years of life
      and more than being someone slaves and trash.

      I wonder if they would love to be cursed by Immortality of the
      Vampires? The replicants? JF Sabastian the one who is dying of
      the old age disease? Who is like 30 but has the body of one who
      is 60?

      Logans Run, same basic concepts as Blade Runner, and "The
      Island" in some ways.. Some escape from your life and death? A
      major lie and what else?

      Blade Runner does add some interesting things.

      What is the world like in 2019?

      Genetic engineers found on many street corners? What happened to
      the natural life on Earth or the US or what?

      Or just the cities have become so cut off that they need
      genetics to build things to suit? Or worse, things change so
      quickly that they need genetic engineering for people to live
      and change. Such as in the polluted world of Blade Runner?

      Or is everything protected so much that you have to have
      "artificial" snakes to have a real snake?

      An environmental statement or just how things are? LA 2019, is
      it a giant dome and we do not see the Dome or ... the dark side

      of Demolition Man? Not so nice and sterile?

      Or just s company town for Tyrel and others like him?

      LA seems to be a comment about how cities build on top of each
      other and bury the filthy and decaying under the dirt of those
      higher up.

      Sorry, seen the digs at Troy and how there was atleast 6
      different Troys, one being the one from the Trojan Wars. How we
      build our world on top of the filth and garbage of the past.
      Ever seen a gabage dump? I can see how we could build whole
      cities on it.

      Or just a comment about how we want to live? Even a Robot even
      if Genetic and Organic wants to live, Free and having choices?

      I Robot?

      Deckard, how much like a replicant has he become? With no life,
      forced to keep going even if he is tired of it, a slave to the
      system? Chinese metaphors all over the place.. Communist China
      or ... Edward Almos the servant or what? Or Deckard Model Number
      2, just does not realize it yet?

      "Wake up, time to die".

      Odd things about Blade Runner, is humanity trying to escape from
      Nature, but in the process plays with natural things, genetics,
      but also removes themselves from the nature and the forests and
      such, but in the process replaces it with something almost as
      complex, but some how perverse? Dead and decaying? But oddly the
      replicants have more morals than many of the humans?

      Also the 1940s look to it, almost like Casablanca, but ....

      Also the doll look and references, Pris and Zhora are classics,
      the dark side of things, but the doll, like little toys.

      JF Sabastian for instance, not able to save himself from his own
      disease, the disease that the Replicants have as well..

      Replicants like little children who suddently wake up to find
      they are no longer robots unfeeling and unable to not follow
      orders, but now have morals, a choice and self aware. And wading
      in massive emotions. Much like Spock and Pon Farr? Suddenly

      Oddly reminds me of soldiers who come back from a war, and are
      emotionally closed down, protecting themselves by becoming
      emotion less, but then several years later becoming very
      emotional and the emotions locked away force themselves to the
      fore. What they did for country, was done for good reasons, but
      do not always fit the moral code of those at home? Or their
      former live?

      The concept of the light that burns brightest burns fastest?
      Intense life, on the end. But how to become "normal" once again
      and live a normal life and long one at that.. Especially after
      many you have left behind.

      Sorry was talking to a mutliple tour Iraq war vet, he was okay,
      but his emotions was a bit locked up for now. Me, going thru my
      own letting go things I should have let go and out years ago.

      Just find that all the Replicants mentioned, all was military or
      paramilitary in nature, even Pris was a pleasure model for the
      military. Just wonder what sort of war humanity is fighting in
      2019 in the outer worlds?


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