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Tako Bell

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  • James Chrisman
    Hobgoblin samurais, warblades, fighters and their daimyo leaders vie for control of the land, humans are the subjugated peasants and also the secret ninja
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2006
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      Hobgoblin samurais, warblades, fighters and their daimyo leaders vie
      for control of the land, humans are the subjugated peasants and also
      the secret ninja clans. The hobgoblins often hire the ninjas to
      eliminate rivals. The hobgoblin priesthood is open to both sexes and
      worship a lawful neutral death goddess (Wee Jas) they despise the
      human ninjas that are also arcane casters but the male warrior elite
      find them useful pawns and do not back the priesthood in this matter,
      but open use of magic or holding a weapon is punishable by death. The
      ninja villages vary in training methods and styles and there is a
      constant rivalry over who is best, some are ninjas, some monks, some
      rogues, some are multi-classed sorcerer/ninjas, swashbuckler/monks,
      etc. Most of the human ninja villages are secret worshippers of the
      death goddess (Wee Jas) some villages worship other gods, some more
      benign, others darker. A very few hengeyokai and spirit folk also live
      in some of the villages or outskirts.

      The tako race has a relic from their god, a magic bell which only
      works for them, it blesses the whole tribe for a month at a time but
      it has been stolen by sea demons, they need an expert group of ninjas
      (i.e. adventurers) to seek it out and return it to them. Bad guys are
      sauhagin and they have the Tako Bell in their shark filled lair. The
      tako offer the PCs a fortune in pearls of all sizes and colors and the
      location of a forbidden sunken temple as a reward. When the PCs check
      out the temple they find a map to a long dead shadow dragons mountain
      top hoard on a nameless island far to the south, which happens to be
      Monster Island.

      The shortest route to Monster Island is over the mountains and then
      downriver through the remenants of an ancient empire.
      The pass through the mountains contains the bandit hideout of a craven
      ogre-magi and his brutal half-ogre kin and a few debased humans and
      hobgoblins who prey on villages on both side of the mountain. They
      currently have a crow headed tengu swordmaster prisoner who will
      gladly train those who free him in the art of swordmaking or
      swordfighting (excuse to introduce the stuff from the 9 swords book
      for me).
      Hadozee fishing villages along the rivers, monkey hengeyokai villages
      in the jungled covered hills, vanara priests and psions wander from
      village to village, rakashasa deceivers prey upon the unwary, jungle
      covered ruins still contain arcane lore but are inhabited by yuan-ti
      or naga scholars or the lair of fiendish dire tigers drawn towards the
      evil that still emanates from stained and broken altars.

      Monster Island - giant loathsome aberrations from the deep dark places
      of the ocean come here every few decades to fight for a mate until the
      sea runs black with their blood, the victors then crawl ashore to
      spawn. The coast is all thousand foot tall wave wracked cliffs except
      for a single mist shrouded cove that has a giant log pallisade at the
      mouth of a river used as a base by pirates made up of chadozee
      swashbucklers, hobgoblin ronin and outcast human ninjas. They do not
      go inland often, the place is crawling with hungry little compsognathi
      and their bigger deinonychus cousins, guards posted during the darkest
      nights report hearing maniacal screaming in the distance.
      A secret door amidst the mountain top ruins inhabited by dire apes
      reveals an ancient spiraling stone staircase that descends into the
      abyss dimly lit by some unknown subterranean phosphorescence, side
      passages of well used natural caverns are inhabited by gibberlings
      which run amok across the island on moonless nights. Deeper still lie
      shadow creatures and the ghost of...

      Yeah, ok, its a horrible bastardization of ancient Japan, India,
      Jurassic Park, King Kong and HP Lovecraft but wait til you see the
      pseudo Conan, Elric, Aragorn and Shogun Assassin the players in my
      group will make for PCs

      So any random thoughts or suggestions?
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