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  • David Loftin
    Hi Jim, Good Stuff, How about Eloquin for the name of the High Elves and The Borok for the Builders? BTW: I m starting up a campaign with our group in a couple
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      Hi Jim,

      Good Stuff,

      How about Eloquin for the name of the High Elves and The Borok for the

      BTW: I'm starting up a campaign with our group in a couple of weeks based in
      Ravenloft. I'm using a program I found online to run all the combats, keep
      up with weather & time, and map out specials locations in the dungeons. I'ts
      called The DMGenie and is quite good, but there is a learning curve to get
      used to it. One of the beauties of the program is that you don't have to
      give the players how many hit points damage they took because it keeps track
      of all of it. This minimizes metagaming and puts a little more fear into the
      players. The program isn't perfect, since it only has the use of the Core
      Books (blame it on WOTC). Since Code Monkeys (they suck) has the rights to
      develop programs using all the other books the DMGenie can't incorporate
      them into it. However, that being said the DMGenie is so well designed that
      you can enter any information from any book, but you have to learn a little
      about programming. Another thing I really like about it, is that I can run
      mock combats to make sure that I don't have a wimpy or overly powerful
      monster (ballance is a good thing). That is if I want to give the players a
      chance to win a fight that is intentionally set to be one. If I want them to
      roleplay with a Dragon and they decide to attack it, well....ummm...there
      just toast, forget the program. Anyway here is the link to the DMGenie if
      you want to check it out... its a freee download with about 50 uses, but if
      you never close it down you don't have to worry about paying anything for a
      real long time: http://www.dmgenie.com/



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      1. psuedo celtic setting ideas
      From: "James Chrisman" <I_ATE_BREAKFAST@...>


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      Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 18:22:57 -0000
      From: "James Chrisman" <I_ATE_BREAKFAST@...>
      Subject: psuedo celtic setting ideas

      (4,000 years ago) Wood elves and fey dwell in the forested river
      valleys and a small population of scattered neolithic human farmers
      live in small stable communities of rectangular log cabins built on
      the upland hills and on the coastal plains, avoiding the thickly
      wooded valley bottoms. They plant wheat and barley, and raise sheep,
      cattle and pigs and hunt as a supplement to their agriculture. They
      build communal graves that also serve as centers of religious activity
      centering on a cult of the dead and fertility. They are driven from
      the coastal plains by the Fomorians

      (3,000 years ago) Builders - These bronze age folk were farmers,
      archers, brewers and metalsmiths, they lived in round thatch-roofed
      houses and built round barrow mounds for their warrior-chieftains and
      stone circles on the neolithic religious sites for their own gods.
      They fight off the Fomorians from the coastal plains and slowly drive
      back the neolithic people who begin hiding in caves under the hills
      and the wood elves and fey deeper into the forests. 1000 years later
      after being weakened by a famine and plague, the Fomorians having
      grown strong again, strike back and kill the rest. The famine was
      brought about by increased cattle stealing in the winter by the people
      under the hills (as the neolithic folk are now called) and the wood
      elves embracing a dark god of vengence and their clerics are cursed
      with lycanthropy, the elven were-wolves destroyed outlying settlements
      and small groups of travelers.

      (2,100 years ago) The Black Hand - An orc tribe settles in the area
      and within a few years are decimated by the lycanthropes and Fomorian
      raiders, a plague finishes the rest. Some of their human slaves
      survive and form their own society, worshipping at the great stone
      circles and 100 years later are defeated and forced into serfdom by

      (2,000 years ago) High Elves - with horses, better weapons and
      powerful magic drive back the lycanthropes and the Fomorians. They
      avoid the stone circles and barrows. 500 years later they are defeated by

      (1,500 years ago) Pritani - Several iron age tribes who build farms
      (stone houses and separate, walled fields), hillforts, a warrior
      aristocracy, they hunt with large wardogs and do not pray at the stone
      circles, in fact they use the stones to build their houses and walls,
      they do adopt the practice of barrow mounds for their dead though.
      1000 years later the last of the high elves have gone away or died,
      although those with elven blood still exist (half-elves) and their
      culture merges with that of

      (500 years ago) Picts - An iron age warrior culture led by druids
      begin settling in the area

      Present - The Pict tribes are a group of peoples loosely tied by
      similar language, religion and culture. They have no central goverment
      and are quite as happy to fight each other as anyone else. They are
      warriors, living for the glories of battle and plunder, nailing the
      severed heads of enemies to the doors and wearing them on their belts,
      warfare is a sport. Clans are bound together very loosely with other
      clans into tribes, each of which has its own customs. Druids act as
      priests, political advisors, teachers, healers, and judges. They have
      their own universities, the right to speak ahead of the king in
      council, act as ambassadors in time of war and uphold the law. They
      are the glue keeping together the culture and hold their religious
      rites in woodland groves, waterfalls, springs and bogs.

      It is still essentially a rural world of farms and villages where the
      typical person is a farmer with the boredom of day to day life broken
      up by the occasional cattle raid. The deep forests, long barrows (the
      neolithic communal graves), barrow mounds and moonless nights are
      still feared.

      The deep forests harbor mixed wood elf, tallfellow halfling, treant
      and fey communities of a few families each, they are semi nomadic and
      only built temporary structures in the winter, they trade with the
      forest gnomes whose tunnels riddle the forest floors and with the
      firbolgs. Near forgotten stone circles, bogs and barrow mounds dwell
      packs of wood elf were-wolves, skulks and unseelie fey, the people
      under the hills (I'm using Underfolk from races of destiny) still come
      up from beneath their ancient long barrows to steal cattle on moonless
      nights. Fomorians live in fortified island villages off the coast and
      are communities of mongrelfolk fishermen and farmers, half-orc
      pirates, half-ogre champions and fomorian overlords.

      To the west lies a land of warring tribal humans, hill giants,
      goblinoids, ogres and orcs, just as happy to fight their own kind as
      each other, the northern part of this land is a mountain chain ruled
      by frost giants and white dragons, further west are mountains
      dominated by fire giants and red dragons. To the east is an
      archipelago inhabited by a kingdom of bronze dragons and high elves.
      To the south are more civilized areas of human city-states, some ruled
      by merchant princes and others dominated by snake worshipping theocracies.

      So PCs can be humans, half-elves or outcasts from the forest or
      underfolk trying to blend in, and the ruling druids are a bard/druid
      prestige class, not just the basic druid. The PCs fight/unite other
      tribes, fend off fomorians, raid/explore the forest or barrows or the
      western or eastern lands, trade with the advanced southern human
      merchant/slavers, etc.

      Ok, so in addition to basic ideas and criticisms, I really could use a
      better name than Builders for the bronze age dudes and a better name
      for the high elves who invaded

      The high elves are the temporary name until I can come up with
      something other than the Tuatha De Dannan from mythology and the
      builders is a temporary name for the beaker culture from history.

      You know how Kara Tur has the Shou Lung and Wa instead of Japan and China.

      Lets see, I briefly mentioned PC races and some of the things they
      might do, as far as classes, bards, druids, rogues and barbarians are
      fine. Sorcerers and wizards would be rare, at least a few among the
      half-elves, or from other lands. Since everyone runs around with just
      a spear, sword and shield I'm thinking of modifying rangers and
      fighters and giving them 2 more skill points and a bonus feat in
      exchange for unused armor proficiencies. No monks or paladins, wood
      elf clerics would be more of the unarmored type as well. Or maybe I
      should just make it so fighters are from somewhere else, like a
      southern city-state mercenary.

      I'm also debating using the old 'hobgoblins as roman empire' idea, I
      think the new Red Hand of Doom module would work as a starting point
      for that once the PCs get high enough level. Instead of roman
      senators, a council of wyrms and their hobgoblin legions.


      also be sure to brush your teeth, oh yeah, and Digger said rubies bring good

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    • James Chrisman
      ... Sounds good, thanks for the suggestions ... based in ... Yeah, I know, I read yalls yahoo group Bobs_Campaign, I know Thoros Sandbull is a Psychic Warrior
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        <david.loftin@...> wrote:
        > How about Eloquin for the name of the High Elves and The Borok for the
        > Builders?

        Sounds good, thanks for the suggestions

        > BTW: I'm starting up a campaign with our group in a couple of weeks
        based in
        > Ravenloft. I'm using a program I found online called The DMGenie

        Yeah, I know, I read yalls yahoo group Bobs_Campaign, I know

        Thoros Sandbull is a Psychic Warrior
        Sasha Van Hoff, the Human Druid, his wolf Tasha and undead sister Oksana
        The Radiant Servant of Pelor
        and all the other characters people have been thinking about playing

        DM genie sounds fine, I've looked at it before, I enjoy rolling dice
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