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Adventure Background Info.

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    This was the DM s (James) first e-mail to us about our current adventure. The map of the area we are in is in the Files section (James World). Hello all,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 20, 2005
      This was the DM's (James) first e-mail to us about our current
      adventure. The map of the area we are in is in the Files section
      (James World).

      Hello all, below is a quick run down of the campaign environment and
      I've attached an overland map of the Kingdom to give a sense of where
      things are.

      ..:: Duvik's Pass ::..

      Duvik's Pass is a small mining hamlet of 200 that has been in slow
      economic decline for the past 15 years. At its height the mine
      enjoyed outputs nearing (10) tons per annum [approximately 100,000
      GP] however, after 50 years of production, deeper digging has only
      yielded declining returns and this year returns have dipped to less
      than a fraction of its former highs [output is estimated to be less
      than 5,000 GP]. The current mine is largely abandoned with only a
      skeleton crew working it for its minute yields.

      Today, the majority of the residents of Duvik's Pass sustain
      themselves through individual scale mining higher in the mountain
      combined with subsistence farming and trapping. The trapping has
      proved to be viable economic option for the community and several
      members have dedicated increasing resources at expanding operations
      to meet the market demands of the port cities Queensport and
      Searsport as well as the capital, Pelgraid.

      Both the mining and trapping operations in recent years have brought
      the community into conflict with the populations of orcs that make
      the high plains their home. Orc raids on a small scale were a common
      occurrence throughout the history of Duvik's Pass, however recent
      raids have been larger in scale and more organized in nature.
      Assistance from Pelgraid has been slow coming, likely because of the
      limited amount it contributes to the kingdom's coffers as well as it
      remoteness and diminutive size.

      ..:: Kingdom of Pelgraid ::..

      Pelgraid is a small kingdom residing on an eastern coast and is
      bordered by mountains to the north, hills to the west, and forests to
      the south. It is a geographically diverse region with deciduous and
      evergreen forests, floodplains, low lying hills, and mountains. The
      kingdom is comprised of four major cities: Queensport is the primary
      ship building and maritime trade port; in Searsport fishing is the
      primary economic activity; Bent Arm, is the gateway to the west and a
      bustling trade center; and Pelgraid, the seat of power in the
      kingdom. Outwardly, the kingdom appears to be stable both socially
      and politically; the current dynasty has been in power for nearly ten
      generations much of it in peace and relative prosperity. However,
      Pelgraid is ailing from economic conditions that mirror those of
      Duvik's Pass. Trade from the west has been slowly declining and a
      sustained blight has reduced ship building to a shadow of its former
      glory. This has lead to a undercurrent of restlessness that runs
      through the citizens that live in or near the four largest cities.

      Pelgraid is a human nation though there is a small minority of elves
      in the forests to the south and gnomes in the eastern hills, however
      these races are independent of the kingdom. There has been a long
      history of tension between Pelgraid and the orcish tribes of the high
      plains and this has lead to a high level of suspicion and distrust of
      orcs and Hal-orcs in the central and southern parts of the kingdom
      and open hostility in the northern border towns.

      ..:: High Plains ::..

      A cold and forbidding grassland hemmed in by the northern mountains,
      it is the home to a number of orcish tribes that have been gathered
      under the somewhat civilizing banner of the war-chief Johdun Mail
      Fist. Johdun began his campaign of unification nearly thirty years
      ago first sweeping out across the plains then finally pulling in one
      by one the mountain tribes either by force or friendship. The
      results have been positive not only for the orcs but for the dwarves
      of the region as well as humans.

      Unification has had a dramatic impact on orc society, most notably
      the rise of settlements. Those in or near the mountains are more
      permanent with economic activities centering on mining and trapping,
      groups on the plains are more nomadic with activities centering on
      the herding of cattle and horses. While the High Plains tribes are
      enjoying prosperity there are elements that feel it is leading to
      weakness and the decay of their society are quietly agitating a
      return to it militaristic past.

      ..:: The Game ::..

      The campaign will start out in Duvik's Pass in early spring and the
      environment will be part of the challenges the PCs will face. Below
      are the general specifications for starting characters.

      --3rd level characters to start
      --4d6 taking the top three for stats
      --Any race
      --Any class
      --Any non-evil alignment
      --Starting gold will be 1800 GP, 500 of which can be spent on magical
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