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The World of Mot'Polk

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  • James Chrisman
    Over at the WoTC site I found someone interested in linking up worlds with gates, anyway heres the reply I got. ********************************* Lemme tell
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      Over at the WoTC site I found someone interested in linking up
      worlds with gates, anyway heres the reply I got.


      Lemme tell you a little bit about the campaign world I'm
      currently involved in running. (It'll help you understand what I'm
      trying to do, I hope. ^.^)

      It's a home-brewed world called Mot`Polk. It's extremely large, but
      not exactly dense (Hence, gravity is normal 1.0 Earth standard)
      since most of the core is molten mithril and the lower crust is
      honey-combed. The 'known world' for my PCs is a continent
      called 'Emerald Prime', named such originally for its emerald
      landscape of thick forests and lush grasslands.

      The continent has been swept by war once already, and war is again
      starting up for this campaign. Lets take a look at how the first war

      There were five large cities on the main continent.

      Yllaren Hill, a human-dominated city under the control of a council
      of wizards. Unknown to the populace, the wizards were quite wicked
      and often experimented on living creatures and such.

      Tantillion, Elven capitol. Elves were not the first to occupy
      Emerald Prime, but they were the ones to name it. They came to the
      continent from Foggy Shores, an elf haven just south of the mainland
      and brought with them magic, culture and new ways of living. They
      established their capitol along a major river and prospered for
      thousands of years. Tantillion is the greatest city
      in all of Emerald Prime.

      Thyril, fabulous multi-race city. It is halfway between Yllaren Hill
      and Tantillion and prospered from the trade routes between them. It
      was considered a part of the Elven Empire that stretched from
      Tantillion in all directions for a thousand miles.

      Port Shya`lin, if Tantillion is the greatest Elven city on the
      continent, then Shya`lin is the greatest human city on the
      continent. It was vast and sprawling along the oceanfront, full of
      prosperous neighborhoods and endless slums, the baron lords of
      Shya`lin had influence over nearly all sea trade

      Mae`tari, the Second City of the Elven Empire. Mae`tari was a center
      for religous freedom and rights for the people. It was smaller than
      any other major city on the continent, but considered perhaps the
      greatest next to Tantillion. It was the City of the Gods. Fabulous
      temples and marble constructs were built to pay tribute to
      respective Gods in Mae`tari.
      The city itself was ruled by a council of Paladin 'Mage Knights'.

      (I also have a map available of the continent, if you want it.)

      Now that we have the setting, I'll explain what's going on, and how
      I plan to link the worlds together.

      In 400RH (Recorded History), an experiment by the magician council
      of Yllaren Hill went terribly wrong. They had intended on opening up
      a portal to a Lesser Negative Material Plane to tap the energy, but
      instead found themselves looking into a bleak, ruined world filled
      with obsidian towers and armies wearing dark uniforms.

      Unable to close the portal in time, the magician council came under
      assault by these armies, lead by an entity known as Lord Margh.
      Little is known of Lord Margh, except for the fact that he brought
      forth the resources to dismantle the magician council and bring
      Yllaren Hill under control.
      For weeks the portal fluttered and weakened as hordes of this Dark
      Army marched into the city.

      With a fresh new world to conquer, Lord Margh sought to crush the
      Elven Empire and establish a new outpost in this part of the

      This is where things get a bit scary and complicated. To cut it
      short though, I'll just tell you that he conquered Yllaren Hill,
      Port Shya`lin and
      then went on to destroy Mae`tari. There were huge battles that swept
      the landscape between Tantillion and Yllaren Hill, leaving the land
      scarred both physically and on the astral level.

      (Psions in this world don't last long. They get driven mad extremely
      quickly. There are millions of tortured souls still roaming the
      battlefields, wailing their pain. Ghosts and paranormal activity are
      common occurances.)

      For a year or two, the war raged on. Lord Margh was never actually
      defeated, but recognized that his forces were being decimated by the
      combined alliance of the 'good guys'. He returned to Yllaren Hill
      and has been brooding there for four centuries. (And seeking to
      develop new teleportation, translocation and portal devices.)

      He has been stirring up trouble for almost everyone, and gaining
      some allies in the meantime. Searching far and wide and many
      planets, Lord Margh eventually found some evil folks just like
      himself to help him. (And of course, now Lord Margh is being used as
      a pawn for an even darker agenda..)

      In the last three years in the campaign, Lord Margh has sacked
      Thyril and Port Shya`lin, and is now marching on the Elven Capitol
      of Tantillion.

      A very, very powerful artifact has been uncovered which allowed for
      development of permanent trans-world portals to be set up. Basicly
      huge gateways to other places. A stream of evil forces have been
      pouring through a couple of these portals into Mot`Polk to aid Lord
      Margh, while some of his own forces have been invading other worlds
      that his portals are opening up into.

      This is where DMs can have their campaigns mingle with each other,
      as the threats of these portals popping up all across the universe
      and Planes is one that can hardly be ignored. Some of the portals
      misfire. Sucking people into Emerald Prime and dumping them there,
      leaving little choice but to find a way to return.

      If you decided to send your PCs into this new idea, we could work
      together to develop some really interesting things for them to do,
      I'm sure. ^.^
      Kinda like tag-team on the PCs.

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