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  • nightflash30094
    Apr 8, 2013
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      Last adventure we yet again got captured but we gave a hell of a run killed a water madusa got treasure lost treasure when 6 dark elves
      captured us killed 3 ( one was turned to stone Oogly had wraped the water madusa's head in a shirt we found ) .
      We also lvled and Oogly is now a 5th lvl fighter and 1st lvl cavalier i chose the Order of Dragon ( http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/base-classes/cavalier/orders/paizo---cavalier-orders/order-of-the-dragon ) going to put my 1 point into Survival .
      Our captors put us into yet another pit as food for 4 cyclops after an amazing fight that we was suppose to lose we were bought and taken to
      a House to our new owner's and after being told what we was going to do we agreed to do the deed they wanted .( what choice do we have lol ) 
      Hmmm Oogly needs armor and a Halberd
      Breast plate ( agile )
      2 Dagger's  
      And some of the poison ( or a poison that will effect a dark elf ) that they use
      Oh and a box to carry the head of the water madusa in one enchanted to keep it fresh ( evil grin )
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