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1605Guns! Guns! Guns! (and psionics)

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  • dirtkami
    Sep 4, 2012
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      Pathfinder game with the psionic stuff

      Bizarro campaign rules

      1. Must be able to use a black powder weapon.

      2. Must choose an archtype for your class (or classes).

      3. Max hit points for first three levels of a base class, then none for any more levels.

      4. Max hit points for first three levels of a prestige class.

      5. Everyone takes a turn DMing.


      A century of warfare has left an impoverished forgotten border town populated by escaped and ransomed prisoners, disillusioned drunkards, vagabonds, beggars and pickpockets with no where else to go. Squires and inquisitors attempt to keep order, they serve a self proclaimed mayor who has outlawed all psionics, magic (except inquisitors) and non-humans. Weekly mass burnings occur in the ruined temple of Sarenrae in the center of town.

      The PCs all live in the same poor section of town and frequent the same tavern, The Rusty Nail.

      The roads in all directions outside of town are controlled by bandits and slavers.
      To the north, starving bands of mad cannibals.
      South, a temple to dark gods.
      East, a ruined city.
      West, the rival country of dastardly villains who openly allow elves, dwarves, gnomes and hobbits in their vile lands.


      Thomb - human Inquisitor (witch hunter)/Aegis (archtype?) level 2/1
      Brin - human Gunslinger (pistolero) 3
      Mal Calculus - human Wizard (spellslinger)/Marksman (kaigun) 1/2
      Sniffalus - ginger (elan) Rogue (scout) 3
      Lull - human Summoner (synthesist)/ Aegis (aberrant) 1/2

      I just got the expanded psionics book, so thats where the marksman and aegis classes come from if they look unfamiliar.