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1602May sucked

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  • dirtkami
    Jun 7, 2012
      May sucked for gaming, not a single game, I'm feeling a little twitchy.
      I wonder what we could play Saturday?
      Any ideas?

      3.5 version of Digger's Arctic Campaign

      A random eskimo town generator. Set it for Inuit | Thorp | Human
      Set the weather generator for Cold | Winter
      and set the encounter table for CR any | Climate Cold

      --- In Maps_Gods_Stories - Digger's version of his Arctic Campaign

      The party started at the very bottom (Zero XP's) and were from the same general area (somewhat like northern Canada to put it in "real" terms). Snowshoes, yak, very small arctic towns, etc. Baphomet ran a bard (don't recall if he picked a specific kit or not) named Ariel Stormwind. The rest of the party was a good blend of clerics, mages, thieves & fighters (one named Mortin eventually became Mortin "Giantslayer" and another, an arctic ranger named Hawkwind).

      The party had at least the minimum arctic equipment due to their growing up in the area (snowshoes, very warm & thick coats & clothing, blankets, spikes, etc.), and they were able to scrounge together a few weapons & armor (very low quality for the most part.... hard to find great shops in such a remote area - though a very good leatherworker/furrier was in their town - a couple of the party members even worked for this guy & acquired the skill growing up). They went out into the frozen tundra to make their fame and fortune....

      To add to the realism (this was throughout, up to the party's gaining higher levels), I kept a daily log (30 days in advance) of weather conditions, including temperature, snowfall & seemingly most important WIND CHILL. There were MANY days that were SO cold that the group could NOT travel, & some members at times took actual damage from the intense cold (despite their arctic outfiting). The extreme numbers (NEGATIVE 100 or lower wind chill at its worst) was very memorable, caused a lot of laughter and fun, & made the party really have to take into account ALL the elements that go along with adventuring.

      The area had a wide variety of arctic creatures (pretty much any that I could find any of the Monsters Manual or Compendium), and my challenge was the find things that would not just destroy the party instantly. They encountered groups of wolves, winter wolves, and oliphants, and often they stayed away and/or just flat ran away and hid. When the group was around 3rd or 4th level, they got into a battle with a few winter wolves & could not get away, so they had to fight.

      If you don't know, winter wolves are HUGE (4'-9' at the shoulders) & are a high HD, so the party pretty much thought they were dead (I honestly thought that it was about 80-20 advantage for the wolves).

      A fierce battle ensued. Blood soaked the snow (I decided that winter wolf blood was blue) as each side cut, clawed, and bit each other during the first 4 or 5 rounds. We used the individual crit & fumble charts (animal chart, blunt weapons, piercing weapon, slashing, etc.) which created a number of very interesting and varied results from each side of extremes. With a few party members down (with only a couple having the fortune to be bound to stop the bleeding) and a couple of winter wolves down, it was down to 2 (maybe 3 - one of which was Ariel) party members and one winter wolf - the party was much more injured than the wolf.

      Then an incredible twist of fate happened - the wolf rolled a fumble on a bite attack and in his rage (rolled of the chart for animals), he BIT THROUGH HIS BACK LEG TO THE POINT OF USELESSNESS. Once 3 legged & in major shock, the party hit him a few times and got his HP down very low, and the wolf actually began to whimper. Ariel's love of animals (and with a ranger in the party) caused the party to stop attacking. With the healing help of the party and the ranger, the party now had a three-legged winter wolf seemingly loyal to them. A strong bond came about especially with Ariel Stormwind. [ I realize a winter wolf is techincally a monster not an animal, but I couldn't let such a technicality get in the way of such an incredibly fun & memorable encounter].

      This was just ONE small segment of a huge campaign. As the party gained more & more experience, their courage began to grow. I will not give all the details at this time, but they encountered a non-trusting but eventually friendly eskimo village, ran into groups of very driven oliphants (INT 13) that were very memorable, and had many encounters with Frost giants. MANY other funny little incidents occured as the party got closer (or least more used to traveling together).

      Male neanderthal barbarian (savage barbarian) 1 | Chaotic Neutral
      Init -5; Perception -2; low-light vision

      AC 13, touch 12, flat-footed 11 (+1 dodge, +1 Dex, +1 natural)
      hp 20 (1d12 +2 con +6 hardy)
      Fort +4 | Ref +1 | Will +0

      Speed 40 ft.
      Melee greatclub +7 (1d10+7, x2), power attack is +7 (1d10+10)
      Ranged  spear +2 (1d8+5)

      Str 20, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 9, Wis 10, Cha 10
      Base Atk +1; CMB +; CMD
      Feats Power Attack, Cleave, Furious Focus.
      Flaw Fucktard (-6 penalty to Initiative and -3 to Perception checks)
      Traits Poverty-Stricken, Sacred Conduit
      Skills 1 rank in: Climb (Str) +9, Knowledge (nature) (Int) +3, Perception (Wis) +4, Survival (Wis) +5, Craft (weapons) (Int) +3
      Languages Common
      Hatred Neanderthals receive a +1 bonus on attack rolls against goblins, kobolds, and ogres.

      Equipment: fur pants, fur mittens, fur robe, fur boots, fur socks, hooded fur cloak, fur bag with some dried meat (also furry).
      Masterwork Greatclub, 2 Spears.

      Arctic Dwarves get a +4 racial bonus on Fortitude saves made to resist the effects of cold weather or exposure in addition to regular Pathfinder dwarf traits.
      Arctic dwarves must have a craft skill or profession skill to belong to a clan hall, otherwise they are raised as laborers and defenders of the hall and are referred to as 'Rocks'.
      Rocks are looked down upon and wander from hall to hall or seek their fortune elsewhere. All metal armor, axes and hammers cost half as much for arctic dwarf characters.

      get a +2 to any physical ability score, otherwise, they have Pathfinder human traits.
      Northmen can only be barbarians, rangers, druids or bards at the start of the game. Metal working is also unknown to the northmen tribes, metal items costs twice as much as normal.
      Northmen speak their own language instead of Common, those with high intelligence scores usually learn Common.

      Snow Leopards get a +4 bonus to Dexterity and a -4 penalty to Charisma.

      Snow Leopards can only be barbarians or rangers.
      Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
      Base speed of 30 feet.
      Darkvision 60 feet.
      Snow Leopards receive a +4 racial bonus on Acrobatic and Climb skill checks.
      Fey Blood: Count as both fey and animals for any effect related to race and take an extra point of damage from Cold Iron weapons.
      Ferocity: Once per day, when brought below 0 hit points but not killed, they can fight on for one more round as if disabled. At the end of his next turn, unless brought to above 0 hit points, he immediately falls unconscious and begins dying.
      Thick Fur: +8 racial bonus on Fortitude saves made to resist the effects of cold weather or exposure and Natural Armor +2.
      Claws: 1d4 damage
      Fangs: 1d6 bite damage
      Languages: Sylvan. Those with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Aklo, Common, Dwarf, and Giant. 

      The Ice Queen became the leader of the dwarves of the Aisu Mountains long ago and united them into a single Queendom and subjugated the human barbarian tribes that dwell in the taigas and tundra along the coast.

      The human tribes fish and hunt seals, whales and small game, they also sail in the spring to raid coastal villages and trade the dwarven weapons and white diamonds for iron ore at Ice People settlements and towns. They scorn armor other than leather but appreciate fine weapons and their trade with the dwarves keeps them supplied with the finest. The tribes supply the dwarves with furs and meat and also trade for them, the dwarves have an unreasoning fear of deep water and refuse to willingly board a ship of any kind. The humans here speak dwarvish and giant and the majority are Lawful Neutral.

      For the protection of the Ice Queen against the Frost Giants each village must sacrifice a healthy child to her once a year. The children are raised in the icy catacombs beneath the Ice Queens palace, the conditions and training are harsh and only one in ten survive. They are raised as her servants and trained as masters of unarmed combat and unyielding discipline. The humans who survive to adulthood that show any magical talent are encouraged and trained in battle magic and necromantic secrets alongside dwarven adepts. (Humans raised here are Monks, Wizard/Monks or Enlightened Fists)

      The Ice Queen surrounds herself with acolytes of a dark goddess of law, magic and death as well as adepts of necromancy, her consort leads the wizard guild and she has a personal guard of seven wights. The dead are given no rest, they are animated to work in mines, farming fungi filled caverns deep beneath the surface and as last ditch defense against possible Frost Giant raids.

      Some suspect the Ice Queen of plans of attaining immortality through some necromantic ritual, none openly. Her enemies seem to quietly disappear, its whispered that one of the wights looks like old king Rathgore, others bear striking resemblance to missing rival clan lords.

      Ice People - Tribes of barbaric humans live on an arctic taiga covered island across from the Ice Queens lands, they have pale skin, ice blue eyes and snow white hair. The Ice People trade iron ore for finished goods from the Ice Queen and follow the After Ragnarok Pantheon, they have their own language, Grall, most also know Giant and Worg. (Only the Barbarian, Ranger and Druid PC classes)

      Totem Lands

      A vast primeval forest where a tribe of wood elves through ancient rituals to forgotten elder gods became werewolves and led the other elves in a slaughter of all the non elves. They are the undisputed masters of the continent they live on and feared on all others. Other inhabitants include aurochs, mastodons, dire wolves & cave bears. The ruins of cities, castles, towns and villages and the undead are all that remain on the surface of non-elf races.

      One such ruined city is occupied solely by vampires that must feed upon animals or in desperate times each other. They welcome slave caravans clever enough to by-pass the elves and foolish enough to enter their domains.

      Beneath the ruins, deep underground, live duergar, their goblin slaves, and the parasitic kobolds that are occasionally rounded up & sold to the vampires. Besides selling kobolds, the duergar also forge silver & magical weapons for the vampires, these weapons although powerful, are enchanted so they can only harm elves & lycanthropes (+1 silvered with elf bane).
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