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  • Lindsey Powell
    Oct 20 1:41 PM
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      Hi! My name is Lindsey, and I was part of a similar network back in
      the states. I absolutely loved it! When I arrived out here, I was
      hoping to find something along the same line. The closest thing that I
      came across was the Thrift Shop on Sullivan Barracks. I have spent
      plenty of time there in the past 2 months, since we've been here. I
      started to dabble with consigning but then every time I had something
      to take in, they weren't accepting those items at that time. Which I
      completely understand, but at the same time I keep having things that
      I no longer need! Which brings us to why I started this group! It's
      great to donate and to consign, but it's also great to help out
      other's that may be struggling in our community. So I hope everyone
      will feel comfortable here and this will be a great experience for
      everyone! Thank you very much!

      ~ Lindsey