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Townsend's Solitaire

I finally saw the Townsend's Solitaire in Riverview late this morning. It was in the lane at the rear of 225 Clare. It popped up on the brownish fence with the
Garry Budyk
10:56 AM


Maybe it's the warm weather that brought creeper to a tree outside my window this morning. First one of the year for me. Gene Walz Sent from my iPad
Gene Walz
9:09 AM

Golden Eagle, Goshawk and Owls

Yesterday, Rudolf Koes, Richard Staniforth and I did a long, 500km loop through southeastern Manitoba hoping to find owls and more. We succeeded, finding some
Garry Budyk
7:28 AM

Red Crossbills

This morning at about 9:30, Bonnie Chartier and I saw the Red Crossbills previously reported on Mabel St. The makes two weeks and more they have hung around
Jan 18

Canada Geese on Wanipigow River

Hi all, During a pretty birdless outing to Bissett yesterday (no owls), I was surprised to see two Canada Geese on the Wanipigow River (north of Manigotagan,
Peter Taylor
Jan 18

Old 15, Lewis Rd and Elma this afternoon- a poor show of birds!

Hello all After visiting family in Ste. Genevieve this afternoon, I took the opportunity to scout out Hwy 15 east of Anola, Old 15, Lewis Rd, Contour Rd and
Richard Staniforth
Jan 17


I saw the Townsend's Solitaire yesterday just after 1:00 pm on the east side of Mabel. I looked for it in the morning, but it was only after a Tip from John
Gene Walz
Jan 16

Goldfinches ...

Hi all, Our neighbours across the street have had Goldfinches at their feeders for the last couple of months. The birds finally crossed the street and visited
Barb Taylor
Jan 16

Winter List 2017/18

Hi all, Golden Eagle reported by Mike Fisher is new for the winter list. Thanks to Mike for his contribution to the diminishing returns on the winter list.
Rob Parsons
Jan 15

Re: Pine Grosbeak in SE Winnipeg

We have a few Pine Grosbeaks in Headingley. For some reason they do not like my newly designed feeder! They land on it rarely and only stay a few seconds .....
Bob Shettler
Jan 15

Pine Grosbeak in SE Winnipeg

We had a pine grosbeak visit our feeders in Island Lakes (Winnipeg) yesterday, an infrequent visitor in our area, suggesting an influx of these. Last Friday, a
Randy Mooi
Jan 15


Driving north today on the 432 a few miles from Morden I saw a big blackish bird slowly flapping it's wings. As It got closer to me .... there it was.... my
Mike Fisher
Jan 15

Re: Gyrfalcon and more

Greetings, Rob mentioned a Shrike in his message. It was my good fortune to observe a Northern Shrike on my way through Crescent Park this morning at about
Robb Nickel
Jan 15

Winter List 2017/18

Hi all, One addition to the winter list, Rock Ptarmigan, seen by Rhonda Reid, and reported by Bonnie Chartier, both of whom I thank for their help. This brings
Rob Parsons
Jan 14

Gyrfalcon and more

Hi all, I had several good sightings while I was running some errands yesterday. The best was a Gyrfalcon that presumably had come out from the Wilkes Avenue
Rob Parsons
Jan 14
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